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    “Like She Gives A Damn”: Swifties React As Taylor Swift Gets Booed By Buffalo Bills Fans During NFL Game

    Taylor Swift is soaring as one of the most iconic celebrities of her era. The impact she has on her fans worldwide is not a feat every star manages to achieve. But with power comes the burden of being a constant target to haters and trolls.

    Since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce this summer, Taylor Swift has faced backlash for more than one reason. While some accused her of distracting Kelce from his play as she attended the NFL games, some others claimed her love for him was a publicity stunt. As if this was not enough, the star also recently faced some trolling by Buffalo Bills’ fans during the last NFL match between Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

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    Taylor Swift Got A Hateful Welcome At Chiefs Vs Bills Match

    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Taylor Swift attended the last NFL playoff showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills and celebrated the victory her beau brought to his team. The couple even made headlines when Travis Kelce was spotted gesturing a heart symbol at her while she watched from the audience.

    However, what happened before the game started may have been a bit disheartening for her. As she reached the stadium to cheer for Kelce despite the freezing temperature, Taylor got booed by the Bills Mafia.

    The 12-time Grammy winner was donning a white jacket, red beanie, and sunglasses as she reached the venue, and was greeted by a police escort and a convoy of black SUVs upon her arrival in Buffalo. As she made her way to the VIP suite, she met with boos from the hometown Bills fans.

    She did not react when it happened and seemingly ignored the vocal disapproval of the Buffalo crowd. Swift watched the game from a private suite alongside Kelce’s family, including his brother Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, in the exclusive box.

    This marked Swift’s second appearance at one of Travis’ postseason games. She previously showed up to cheer for Chiefs in their Wild Card victory over the Miami Dolphins. Despite the frosty atmosphere at this game, the Chiefs secured victory with a 27-24 win.

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    “Swifties Not Gonna Take This Lightly”: Taylor Swift Fans React To Trolling

    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Though Swift seemed to have ignored the booing, her fans, the Swifties, did not shy away from addressing it. The internet was soon buzzing with mixed reactions from Swift’s fans across the globe. While some lauded her for the way she handled the trolling, some others called out her trolls.

    Swifties not gonna take this lightly,” a fan wrote on Twitter. Another one contended that with Chiefs’ win, “She got the last laugh.”

    A third user remarked, “They booing her, but I bet all of them attended one of her concerts on her tour lmao.” Another one said something along similar lines, “Get a life Bills Mafia.”

    Meanwhile, another one asserted that Taylor is too great to pay attention to the trolls. “Lol like she gives a damn; she’s there to support Travis and have fun. She doesn’t give two shits whether people boo her. It’s immature and unbefitting and is frankly beneath her.”

    Another one remarked how great Swift’s response to the trolls was. “And she handled it like a boss…She has class—unlike Buffalo haters.”

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