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    Matthew Perry’s Close Friends And Doctors May Face Arrest For His Death, Says Law Enforcement Official

    Matthew Perry‘s death was a heartbreak for thousands of fans across the world. The ‘Friends’ star died suddenly, though his struggle with drug abuse was well-known for a while. It later came to light that he did die because of “acute dosage of Ketamine”. While there are speculations that it was a part of his medication, an investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is still underway.

    For the past seven months, authorities have been searching from where he got the powerful medication of Ketamine. After his autopsy report revealed certain aspects of his death, law enforcement has now claimed that multiple people should be charged for the crime.

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    Law Enforcement Claims Arrest Should Be Made For Multiple People For Intoxication


    Matthew Perry died due to the effects of a prescription drug called Ketamine, which is typically used for treating drug addiction. Authorities have been going around the case with the basic information for seven months. Perry’s autopsy report also determined that his blood levels were equivalent to that during anesthesia.

    As the case has made no significant progress since the autopsy reports came out, the enforcement officials recently told PEOPLE this week that “multiple people” should be charged for the connection, handled by LAPD, DEA, and the U.S. postal inspector. The source also said that the case is “nearing its conclusion” as officials feel the need for making arrests.

    California branch of Drug Enforcement Agency is also involved in the case, authorities claim that they are looking for a source that led to the distribution of controlled substances leading to death and conspiracies surrounding it since October.

    “This, primarily, is what is used to charge drug dealers, but it can be used to charge pill mills and doctors as well. Doctors that are overprescribing and not seeing patients absolutely would be charged under this section,” former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani said.

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    What Does This Mean For People Indirectly Involved In Matthew Perry’s Death

    Chandler Bing

    There are various punishments discussed for the suspect. Official Rahmani told people that there are different possible sentences for the criminal according to the intensity. “If you distribute drugs and someone dies, there’s different mandatory minimums. There’s even mandatory life, depending on the number of factors,” he said.

    Former CIA and FBI special agent Tracy Walder also added that the suspect might be charged with mail fraud as well. “They’re looking at the illegal transportation of drugs across state lines to people that they have not been prescribed. That’s a crime,” Walder said.

    “I think that’s probably where they started, and that’s most likely the evidence that they would use if that’s the case. Those are the charges I could see because I don’t see a homicide charge,” she said.

    Moreover, Walder also believes that any close person from Perry’s inner circle was “doctor shopping” to numerous physicians in different states and doctors would have sent the prescription across state lines.

    She added, “I don’t know if that’s the case, but if it’s true — that person can also be held accountable just as much as a doctor prescribing drugs across state lines, which is a federal offense.”

    Perry has previously shared about his life battle with addiction with his fans on social media. His sudden death was unexpected as he was a happy soul both inside and out. Authorities have been looking into the case and hope they might come up with a conclusion soon

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