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    Natalia Dyer Reveals ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Group Chat Is Full Of Nancy-Robin Romance Memes

    Robin Buckley was a new character in ‘Stranger Things‘ season 3, and soon enough, she became a crucial member of the gang. The friendship between Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and Buckley is one of the adored friendships of the series. In season 4, we saw Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Robin (Maya Hawke) becoming great allies, and later close friends as they battled against Vecna’s curse taking over Hawkins. 

    In the record-breaking series, currently, Wheeler is in a relationship with Jonathan Byers, but their relationship doesn’t seem promising. In season 4, a lot of heated moments occurred between Nancy and her ex-boyfriend, Steve. However, nothing concrete came out of it. The final season may also settle Nancy’s love life as well. Amongst these two ships, some fans were also quick to ship Nancy and Robin. Both the female characters are strong-willed, with opposing personalities, but it is a fact worth accepting that Nancy and Robin will look great together! The ‘RoNance’ memes and edits were quick to circulate all over Instagram and Twitter. 

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    Natalia Dyers Spills the Memes Shared On ‘Stranger Things’ Co-Stars Group Chat

    Robin Nancy Romance Memes Shared in Stranger Things Cast's Group Chats

    Robin and Nancy from ‘Stranger Things 4’Natalia Dyer and her co-stars share a group chat, and they don’t miss a chance to share romance memes of ‘Stranger Things‘ characters Robin Buckley and Nancy Wheeler. In a recent interview published by Netflix, Natalia Dyer said, “There is a lot of things going on, and I don’t know if that sort of high school romance thing is as important as everything else, But, yeah, I think there are things about both Steve and Jonathan that Nancy really likes. I noticed that there’s a lot of RoNance shipping as well. I love Nancy having a girlfriend. It’s nice.” The group chat members were revealed to be—Natalia herself, Maya Hawke, Charlie Heaton, and Joe Keery. 

    Natalia further added, “We actually have a text thread that talks [about that] a bit. We send each other memes of things regarding that ship, which is funny.” The group chat members admitted they think the audience would really like to see Robin and Nancy as a duo. 

    The co-stars are having a splendid time over the internet. Dyer even called the Internet a funny place where multiple interesting stories are spun.

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