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    NeNe Leakes Sued By Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife And Accused Of Being A “Husband Stealer”

    NeNe Leakes has been labeled as a “husband stealer” by her boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh’s ex-wife. She has been sued by her too. On Thursday, NeNe did an Instagram Live for the same. ‘I’m already out here a husband stealer,’ added the 54-year-old former ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘ actress.

    The ex-wife is suing on allegations that Leakes and Sioh were having an affair while he was still married to her.

    On May 23, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh filed a complaint against the ‘RHOA’ alum in North Carolina. She stated that the tryst caused her divorce from her spouse Nyonisela Sioh. Before his contact with Leakes, Sioh and Tehmeh-Sioh, “enjoyed a genuine happy marital relationship” and an “active sexual relationship.”

    Tehmeh-Sioh alleges Leakes and Sioh were having an ongoing loving and adulterous affair without her knowledge or agreement. She also claims that Sioh, a clothes designer, lied to her about his whereabouts on many occasions.

    Nene Leakes Reacts To ‘Stealing Husbands’ Accusation

    The duo is often captured by the paps
    The duo is often captured by the paps

    NeNe addressed questions from fans. ‘And ain’t nobody out here stealing husbands”, she started with this. She maintained a lighthearted demeanor all the time as she dismissed the charges. “Nobody wants to steal nobody else’s problems, honey,” she laughed. According to TMZ, Malomine says in legal paperwork that NeNe and Nyonisela’s relationship has caused her emotional misery, mental agony, and loss of affection.

     According to the lawsuit, Malomine is seeking around $100,000 in damages.

    NeNe and the men’s fashion designer were first seen together in Miami in December 2021. This was approximately three months after NeNe’s partner, Gregg Leakes, perished of colon cancer at the age of 66. On December 15, the Dynasty actress shared some photos from her birthday, which included her new lover.

    The pair met at a party
    The pair met at a party

    The two have been out in public since then, attending several events together. Gregg would have approved of her new relationship, according to the reality star, who is presently suing the different corporations behind ‘RHOA’ for allegedly enabling a racist work atmosphere.

    Twitter’s Reaction to the Lawsuit

    The announcement of a lawsuit against the former ‘RHOA‘ star elicited a variety of emotions from fans. Fans reacted strongly to the case, voicing their comments on social media. A fan wrote on Twitter. “Nene Leakes getting sued by her bf’s wife is why I can’t be fucking with no married men”.

    A fan also shared some advice for the ‘RHOA’ star: “Stay away from married men – Nene Leakes“.

    One Twitter user wrote: “In a marriage, infidelity is definitely illegal and grounds to be a lawsuit… Dear Nene Leakes Honey he and his wife were down with the plan sorry u didn’t see it …keep your legs close to married men out here!!”

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