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    Nita Strauss Recalls A Fan Throwing His “Sweaty Boxers” At Her During Alice Cooper Concert 

    Nita Strauss, the former member of the Alice Cooper band, with whom she was since 2014, told a story of some unwanted attention thrown at her. Strauss became one of hard rock guitar’s most recognizable names in 2014 itself. Also, she is the first woman to ever be honored with an Ibanez signature guitar in 2018.

    The guitarist shared an incident that happened with her on tour. As an artist who performs on stage, a lot of things get thrown at her. But never has someone thrown a piece of clothing article at her that stumped her more than a pair of sweaty boxers.

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    Nita Strauss Had Her Eye On The Guy Who Threw His Boxers On Stage

    Nita Strauss
    Nita Strauss

    Nita Strauss recalled a pair of sweaty boxer briefs being thrown on stage at the end of a show. She even puts this in the Instagram category, “Underwear Stories,” and said it happened at an Alice Cooper show in “an unnamed city” in 2021.

    She wrote, “Touring had just started back up post lockdown, and the band and fans were in a good mood. In the front row, around my side of the stage was a group of a few younger guys. They were having a ball. Singing the words, headbanging along, shaking their fists in the air and raising the horns at all the appropriate times.”

    The guitarist particularly talked about one guy that caught her eye. “One of the guys, in particular, was trying to get my attention throughout the show, blowing kisses and making that heart-hands symbol every time I glanced in that direction. ‘a bit much,’ I mused, but I was happy to see people at a show having fun and didn’t think much of it. ‘Teenage Frankenstein’ rolls around, the second to last song. I glance down. The guy is gone. Smart! Probably beating the traffic out of here. ‘School’s Out’. The guy is back. His friends are cracking up. I was wrapped up in the show and didn’t notice something wadded up in one of his hands. ‘No more pencils, no more booooooks…’ Suddenly, a gray, sweaty UFO hurtled onto the stage and landed on the center riser, between me and Alice.”

    “We all immediately BURST into uncontrollable laughter. The guy’s boxer briefs were brazenly laid out on the riser, showing ALL the after effects of being worn all day at a hot, outdoor August show. Mercifully, Chuck [Garric, bass] or maybe Ryan [Roxie, guitar] hooked the waistband of the boxers onto their headstock,” she added.

    Strauss Shares The Moral Of The Incident

    Strauss: "Don't throw your boxers at a girl"
    Strauss: “Don’t throw your boxers at a girl”

    The former member of Alice Cooper had a laugh about the whole ‘sweaty underwear incident’. “Everyone knew which guy it came from. Chuck (or maybe Ryan) deftly lifted the undies up and flung them back in the guy’s direction- but since headstock tossing is notoriously inaccurate- overshot the throw by a couple rows. As a result, an innocent bystander a few rows back who had his hands in the air and mouth wide open, probably screaming ‘WELL WE GOT NO CLASS, and WE GOT NO PRINCI-‘ suddenly got a face full of front row guy’s sweaty underwear. The ‘AAAAGGHHHHHH’ was audible over the concert noise and I think that was one of many times I actually fell down from laughing so hard.

    She concluded by sharing the moral of this story. “The moral of the story is this: Don’t throw your boxers at a girl unless you’re prepared for them to go places you didn’t expect. (Or, ya know… maybe just don’t throw your boxers at a girl in general).”

    On the other hand, her fans are anxiously awaiting new music from her upcoming solo album.

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