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“Oh Shit”- Enraged Fans Targets The Wrong Will Smith On Twitter After Oscar Slap Incident

Will Smith, a red-haired podcaster, was the target of a Twitter smear campaign when his profile was confused for that of Movie star Will, resulting in thousands of additional Twitter followers.

Will Smith, star of “King Richard,” caused a stir on Sunday night when he walked on stage during a Chris Rock monologue and slapped the comic, rebuking him for making remarks about Smith’s spouse, Jada Pinkett Smith.

What Happened Between Will Smith And Chris Rock At The Oscars

Will Smith And Chris Rock
Will Smith And Chris Rock

Rock made a joke about Pinkett Smith when delivering the award for outstanding documentary feature. Rock joked about Pinkett Smith’s baldness, saying he really can not “wait for G.I. Jane 2.”

Pinkett Smith has already spoken up about alopecia, a condition where the body destroys its own follicles, resulting in hair loss.

Following the remark, Smith stepped onto the stage and seemed to hit Rock before returning to his chair and screaming, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f—-g mouth!”

Who Is This New Will Smith?

Will Smith Replies To Trolls
Will Smith Replies To Trolls

But let’s return to the other Smith. Will, who starred in the film “Men In Black,” does not appear to have a confirmed Twitter feed. That might explain why this another Will was inadvertently thrown into the conflict.

Smith, who specializes in communications at video game company Stray Bombay and describes himself as a father, husband, and Twitch gamer, tweeted late Sunday: “To be honest, I’m not the one who makes you angry or happy. For a living, I produce podcasts and video games.”

“At the risk of piling on me instead of that other man,” he said, “the world would be a better place if we stopped responding to speech with violence.”

Despite the fact that his profile photo — a man with red hair, a beard, and spectacles — should have been enough to distinguish him from the Academy Award winner, he received a slew of furious tweets from others who thought otherwise.

People Reacted To Wrong Will Smith’s Tweets

It didn’t help that he joked about being the actor in this Twitter thread, which is still receiving hundreds of likes every few seconds.

“Whelp. I apologize for offending you” Will said, to which several individuals reacted angrily.

“If we’ve been offended, please accept our apologies. Is this how the aftermath of violence assigns culpability to those who witnessed it?” Before receiving a comment from another user, one individual answered that they’d “got the wrong man.”

Another user responded to the message, saying the slap was “completely uncalled for” and also that “we will never be playing another Will Smith film again.”

But it’s not all bad news: non-actor Will revealed he had garnered roughly 30,000 new Followers on Twitter as of press time. Will, the talk show host, did not reply to a request for comment from Insider right away.

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