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    ‘One Tree Hill’ Actor James Lafferty Marries ‘The Royals’ Star Alexandra Park In Hawaii

    James Lafferty and Alexandra Park got married in Oahu, Hawaii, after a year and a half of their engagement announcement.

    According to an Instagram slideshow shared by a friend of the actress named Hatty Preston from “The Royals”, Lafferty and Park are now officially married. Preston was present at their wedding party earlier this week.

    The actress posted a photo of herself dancing at the wedding. Park looked like “our Parky” had “been Lafferty’d. And these are Mario Testino’s official wedding photos,” she wrote.

    Inside Pics From James Lafferty and Alexandra Park’s Wedding

    James Lafferty and Alexandra Park with their friends
    James Lafferty and Alexandra Park with their friends

    In a series of stunning images, the bride can be seen partying it up with her near and dear ones. On her special day, Alexandra Park looked as amazing as she always does, wearing a strapless white lace gown and flaunting her gorgeous smile. She let her long brown hair flow in beautiful curls.

    When Preston witnessed her new hairstyle being put to the test on the dance floor, she decided to document the experience with a few photographs.

    A Floral Crown For The Bride

    Alexandra Park crying
    Alexandra Park crying

    In another photograph, the bride can be seen wiping away what appears to be a few tears while a woman places a flower crown atop her head.

    In addition to Stephen Colletti from “One Tree Hill“. Tom Austen and Merritt Patterson from “The Royals” joined the celebrity couple for the happy occasion.

    Lafferty directed a number of episodes of “The Royals”, on which Park starred as Princess Eleanor for four seasons. The two started dating in 2015. 

    They were diligent in their efforts to conceal their relationship for almost three years, after this, they finally admitted their feelings for one another and confessed their love.

    In September of the year 2020, Lafferty posted an image of Park’s engagement ring on Instagram along with the caption, “She said yes.

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