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    Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Fatal Car Accident. Here’s How

    Princess Diana, the first wife of Prince Charles, died in 1997 in a tragic car accident. The Princess of Wales got under a controversial lens after her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir where she revealed the dark side of the British royal family. Her death led to worldwide speculations, and it was highly debated whether it was an accident or murder.

    On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed, and her driver, Henri Paul, breathed their last after Henri slammed their Mercedes into a pillar at a speed of 65 mph in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel. A new investigation has revealed that the Princess had already predicted that an attempt to “get rid of her” was underway and a car crash could be one of the means of getting rid of her.

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    Princess Diana Revealed What Was On Her Mind To Her Personal Legal Advisor

    The Diana Investigations is streaming on Discovery+ revealing insights into her death
    ‘The Diana Investigations’ is streaming on Discovery+

    The newly-released Discovery+ docuseries ‘The Diana Investigations,’ has pulled out many new threads in the life and death of the ex-wife of Prince Charles. In 1995, two years before her fatal accident, Diana met her personal legal advisor, Victor Mishcon, in a private meeting. She told him that through some “reliable sources,” whom she would not reveal, she found out “that a car accident might be staged.” Diana ended up predicting her own death, saying that she would “either end up dead or be seriously injured.” Luckily, Mischon had taken careful notes of their conversation.

    The unfortunate and shocking accident was said to be the fault of Henri, the driver who was under the influence of alcohol and prescribed drugs and was trying to escape the paparazzi coming after them on motorcycles. Trying to dodge their prying eyes, Henri ended up crashing the vehicle into a pole.

    The ‘Mischon Notes’ Led To An Investigation Into The Princess’ Accident

    25th year anniversary of Princess Diana's death
    Princess Diana with son Harry

    The docu-series streaming on Discovery+ unveiled an insightful conversation between expert investigators. Apparently, Victor Mishcon gave the conversation note, dubbed as ‘Mischon Notes’, to London’s Metropolitan Police commissioner at the time, Sir Paul Condon. Condon locked away the notes in the safe and it wasn’t until his successor, John Stevens, took the chair that it was brought to the public’s eyes. Stevens launched a formal inquiry into the princess’ death in 2004.

    Speaking with Daily Beast, Stevens reported that he talked to Mischon, “I saw Lord Mishcon about a month before he died, in about the spring of 2005, and he held course to the fact that he thought [Diana] was paranoid, and he hadn’t held much credence to [the note].” Stevens revealed that Mischon hadn’t paid much attention to the Princess’ claims, saying, he “hadn’t held much credence” and he thought “she was paranoid.

    Stevens’ investigation ruled out Princess Diana’s death as nothing but a horrific accident. The commissioner said that he was “100 percent” sure that no one was hatching plans or wishing her death. The four-part docuseries has already started streaming on Discovery+. August 31 will mark the 25th death anniversary of the late Princess.

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