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    Queen Elizabeth II Skips Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving Service After Suffering ‘Discomfort’

    On June 2, Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations began. The event will conclude on June 5, after four-day celebrations. The whole of the UK will gather to celebrate their monarch. The four days will be bank holidays and festivities will go on in the entire UK. The itinerary for four days has been announced. On the first day, birthday celebrations were followed by lighting of beacons all over London. On the second day, there was a Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Harry and Meghan also joined the festivities. But, it looks like the events are not going as planned for the royal family.

    Queen Elizabeth II Is Experiencing Mobility Issues


    Queen Elizabeth II attended all the events planned for Thursday, but she was walking with the help of a stick all the time. Buckingham Palace informed that the Queen “greatly enjoyed” her birthday parade and “did experience some discomfort”. The statement added that “Taking into account the journey and activity required to participate in tomorrow’s National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, Her Majesty, with great reluctance, has concluded that she will not attend.”

    They also said “The Queen is looking forward to participating in tonight’s beacon lighting event at Windsor Castle, and would like to thank all those who made today such a memorable occasion.” The Queen has been facing discomfort with walking already due to Thursday’s events. They took a heavy toll on her body. As the event on Friday required a lot of walking, the decision that the Queen will be pulling out of the events was made.

    Covid Attacks The Royal Family’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend

    Platinum jubilee
    Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

    Prince Andrew, the other disgraced son of the Queen, was also absent from the festivities on Friday. The main reason was that he is infected with Covid. The Prince was supposed to make an appearance during the service but unfortunately, he couldn’t. The Queen is currently going through regular testing and did not meet her son ever since he tested positive. Buckingham Palace already confirmed the people about the news and officially announced his absence from the Thanksgiving Service at the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

    Looks like things are going haywire for the royal family during this important event. It’s still a surprise how the rest of the days will unfold for them in the following days of the festivities.

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