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    Royal Drama: Did Meghan Markle Really Bully 3-Year-Old Princess Charlotte?

    Meghan Markle has been dragged into a new royal drama. This time beef was picked up with a mere three-year-old. The fans of the British royal family have accused the former actress of allegedly bullying Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte. The incident dates back to 2018 and was recently disclosed by a British administration insider in his biography.

    The new book claims heightened emotions were seen during The Dutchess Of Suxsesses’ wedding. It also mentions an incident which led to a misunderstanding between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton and the former actress ended up making Middleton cry. This reportedly hasn’t been resolved till today.

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    ‘Revenge’ Book Calls Out Meghan Markle For Bullying The Royal Toddler

    Tom Bower exposes all the drama between Kate and Meghan related to Princess Charlotte

    Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi talked about the hashtag – ‘Meghan Markle bullies children’ circulating on Twitter on ‘The Rita Panahi Show.’ According to her, this was due to Tom Bower’s new book Revenge.’ It discussed Markle allegedly making the Duchess of Cambridge cry. This ordeal had to do with the ‘Suits‘ alum criticizing Princess Charlotte’s dress at her and Prince Harry’s wedding.

    At the time, Princess Charlotte was only three years old. Panahi asked author Douglas Murray about his opinion of Bower’s claim in the book. “We’re talking here about 3 or 4-year-old child at the time. Surely, she can’t be that awful, can’t she?” Panahi asked Murray. “Well, I think Tom Bower’s book says, apparently she is,” Murray responded.

    Murray, a British author and political commentator, seemed to believe Bower’s claim about Markle. According to him, Bower is a “fearsome investigative journalist” with an “extraordinary track record.” He even acknowledged that Bower’s book ‘Revenge’ is causing a stir because he “has done his work” and “he’s got the truth.”

    He also talked about Markle and Middleton’s feud. Though the claim was denied by the former in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Bower’s book shows Middleton’s side. “Now we’re hearing the other side of the story, which turns out that well, Prince William’s child was apparently being bullied by Meghan,” Murray continued. “It’s not a great look once again for Meghan Markle, but I’m sure she’ll find a way to come out of it smelling of roses and accusing everybody else racism, homophobia, misogyny, and some other vices that she’ll think of between now and then.”

    During Meghan’s royal wedding, the issue of Princess Charlotte’s dress surfaced. At that time, a number of Twitter users had also pointed out the same. “Princess Charlotte’s dress on her uncle Harry’s wedding looks not well-tailored,” one person tweeted.

    ‘Meghan Markle Is A Bully’ Trends On Twitter As Royal Fans Express Their Distaste

    A number of royal fans criticized the Duchess of Sussex over her alleged treatment of Princess Charlotte. Even when Meghan‘s crowd came out to support her they were immediately shut down. They were further encouraged to read the new book by Bower as it is an “eye-opener.” The angry mob of fans even called Meghan jealous of the 3-year-old’s ‘princess’ status.

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