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    “Is It Real? We’ll Find Out”: Scarlett Johansson Is Interested In Dolly Parton’s Tattooed Sleeves Conspiracy Theory

    Scarlett Johansson‘s latest film ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ is based on space exploration. But it seems that Johansson wants to explore something else on Earth itself. She is interested in the tattoo theory of Dolly Parton.

    Parton has an interesting yet very emotional reason for her tattoos which may seem like some drawings to many. She calls them “tasteful” and Scarlett is interested in knowing about Dolly’s body art.

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    Scarlett Johansson Is Interested In Dolly Parton Tattoos

    Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett was present at the world premiere of her movie ‘Fly Me To the Moon’ and while talking to People, Scarlett was asked about which conspiracy theory intrigued her other than the moon landing and she revealed that she would love to know about the body art of Dolly Parton.

    Scarlett replied, “I don’t know. I’m so not a conspiracy theorist. I’m like, I really believe in science. I don’t know. I think probably that Dolly Parton has full tattooed sleeves.” The event was held at the New York’s AMC Lincoln Square Theater. She later playfully added, “Is it real? We’ll find out.”

    Moreover, Johansson is familiar with conspiracy theories. Her latest film, ‘Fly Me To the Moon‘ is inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing and the belief that it was staged by the US government.

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    Dolly Parton Described Her Tattoos As “Tasteful”

    Dolly Parton

    In an interview with People in 2020, Parton shared that she does have “some tattoos” and they are very “tasteful”. She continued, “My tattoos are pretty, they’re artful and they usually started out to cover some scar, not to make a big statement. Ribbons and bows and butterflies are the things that I have“.

    The music legend thinks that tattoos are her way of making ugly experiences into beautiful ones. Parton said during the same interview, “I was very sick for a while, and I had to wear a feeding tube. It left a little indention in my side and I didn’t like it because I’m so fair that scars turn purple on me”.

    She added, “I like to make positives out of negatives. I had a little beehive tattooed over it — a little yellow-and-brown beehive with a tiny little bee on top of the hive. The mouth of it is that little sinkhole.”

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