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    “She Was Playing A Character I Created”: Elizabeth Holmes On Amanda Seyfried’s ‘The Dropout’

    Amanda Seyfried received critical acclaim for her performance as the disgraced entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu series ‘The Dropout.’ Seyfried received the Outstanding Lead Actress award at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. The show also received several nominations.

    Recently, the Theranos founder talked about the critically acclaimed series and Seyfried’s depiction of her. Holmes said that the actress was playing a character she had created, indicating that it was not who she is in real life. So let’s find out in detail what she said about the show.

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    Elizabeth Holmes Talks About Amanda Seyfried’s Performance

    ‘The Dropout’ poster
    ‘The Dropout’ poster

    Elizabeth Holmes gave an interview to The New York Times which was published on Sunday. While talking about Amanda Seyfried portraying her role in Hulu’s ‘The Dropout‘, Holmes said: “They’re not playing me. They’re playing a character I created.”

    I believed it would be how I would be good at business and taken seriously and not taken as a little girl or a girl who didn’t have good technical ideas“, she explained. “Maybe people picked up on that not being authentic since it wasn’t.”

    Holmes has been known for her distinct look which includes a black turtleneck, and red lipstick. She also spoke in a heavy and deep voice, which turned out to be fake. In reality, her voice has been quite smooth and normal.

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    What Is The Theranos Scam?

    Elizabeth Holmes
    Elizabeth Holmes

    At the age of 19 in 2003, Holmes founded a blood-testing company called Theranos. She claimed to revolutionize blood testing methods, claiming her company has invented a method where one only needs a fingerprick.

    The company’s valuation skyrocketed and she was labeled as the youngest and richest self-made female billionaire. She raised around a billion dollars from investors.

    However, reports of fraud began to surface and her empire eventually crumbled. It turns out, all of her claims were fake. In 2022, she was sentenced to over 11 years in prison for tricking investors into putting their money in her company.

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