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    Taylor Swift Faces A Chair Mishap During Tokyo Eras Tour Performance, But Handles It With A Seamless Squat

    Taylor Swift is in an era where she is being called the “most powerful person in America“, and fairly so. The star has seen the best days of her career as well as her romantic life in the past year and is continuing to add more feathers to her cap. Her most recent feat was winning her 13th Grammy award, even as she was set to resume her Eras Tour in Tokyo, followed by an appearance at the Super Bowl to cheer for her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

    But no good thing comes without a cost. With all eyes on Swift, she also becomes prone to criticism, evil targets, and mishaps that get blown out of context. While she has had her fair share of problems that came with her popularity, Swift recently faced a minor accident on the stage during her first Eras Tour concert of 2024 in Tokyo.

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    Taylor Miscalculates Her Chair’s Position During A Steamy Performance

    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Taylor Swift resumed her Eras Tour in Tokyo after a hiatus that marked a heavy celebration of her success in her career as well as her love life. But as she made a dazzling comeback, Taylor faced a small chair mishap but not without a momentary glitch that left fans in awe.

    Known for her energetic performances, Taylor was performing a steamy rendition of Vigilante S—t‘, when seemed to have missed the chair she was supposed to sit on as part of her performance. In a video shared on X, Swift seemed to have momentarily misjudged the distance to her seat as she prepared to sit back down.

    Though she often incorporates choreography into her shows, the miscalculation seemingly created an onstage spectacle for the packed crowd of 55,000.

    However, being the excellent performer that she is, Taylor gained her composure within a second as she found herself in mid-air. As she realized that the chair wasn’t where she expected it to be, the songstress maintained a squat position and seamlessly continued the performance.

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    Fans Laud Taylor Being An Effortless Performer Even Amid Adversity

    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Fans were quick to applaud Swift’s presence of mind and the physical abilities to have pulled a squat off without getting fazed. Many credited it to the intense three-hour training routine that seemed to pay off for her.

    Her fans took to social media to express how impressed they were with the singer. “she’s been doing her squats bc i would’ve fallen right on my ass,” one person wrote alongside the video. “her thighs probably so strong that she could sit like that without the chair for the whole song,” another said.

    Other than the chair mishap, Swift faced another minor hiccup during the surprise song segment. She mistakenly changed the lyrics of the song ‘Dear Reader’. Fans were however left wondering if the change was intentional or unintentional, given Swift’s penchant for planting Easter eggs through her cryptic gestures.

    Swift’s fashion choices also stirred the curiosity of eagle-eyed fans. Many interpreted her white nail polish as a subtle nod to her upcoming album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department, set to release in April. The album has a black-and-white color scheme.

    Swift will grace the Tokyo stage for four consecutive nights before making her way back to the United States to attend the Super Bowl, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce will be playing.

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