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    “That Was Some Scary S**t”: Chris Rock Claps Back At Will Smith’s “Hostage Video”

    Chris Rock was part of one of the biggest news from Hollywood earlier this year when Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars. The 57-year-old comedian has since moved on but has occasionally taken digs at the ‘King Richard‘ actor. Smith recently issued an apology to Chris via a video.

    Several people thought the video and his apology didn’t seem sincere. Chris, who has been doing a comedy tour in the UK with Dave Chappelle, was asked about the video. He called it a “hostage video” and talked about the infamous slap incident. Let’s find out more about what he said.

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    Chris Rock Calls Will Smith’s Apology A “Hostage Video”

    Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At Oscars 2022
    Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At Oscars 2022

    Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have been touring in the United Kingdom. The two were at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday where Chris talked about the slap.

    According to Deadline, the ‘Nurse Betty’ actor said, “f*ck your hostage video,” talking about Smith’s YouTube apology video. He also discussed the effect of Smith’s slap on him.

    Yes that shit hurt. He played Ali. I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather,” he said. The comedian again referred to Smith as “Suge Smith” as a reference to the former Death Row Records music executive Suge Knight who is currently serving a 28-year jail sentence for murder.

    That was some scary sh*t,” Rock said reflecting on the moment Smith walked on stage. Chappelle then ended his set by telling the audience to be themselves, unlike Smith who “did an impression of a perfect man for 30 years.” He added, “I just hope he doesn’t put that mask back on.”

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    Chris Had Called Will Smith “Ugly” During The Tour

    Chris Rock
    Chris Rock

    During the UK tour with Chappelle, Chris had talked about Smith earlier at Liverpool’s M&S Arena. Chappelle asked him “Did that s–t hurt?”, asking about the slap.

    Goddamn right … the motherf–ker hit me over a bullshit joke, the nicest joke I ever told,” Rock answered.

    He continued, “Will did the impression of a perfect person for 30 years, and he ripped his mask off and showed us he was as ugly as the rest of us.”

    Whatever the consequences are … I hope he doesn’t put his mask back on again and lets his real face breathe. I see myself in both men,” the comedian said.

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