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    The Kardashians: Kendall Jenner Fails Big Time In Kitchen, Mother Kris Jenner Comes To Her Rescue

    The Kardashians are back on the television screens after the announcement of the discontinuation of their life-documenting series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The new episode premiered on April 14th, 2022. Since its first episode, the series made a record of the most-viewed premiere in the history of television. The show is five episodes down, but  Kendall Jenner rarely appeared on the show. But, in episodes 4 and 5, we saw more of the supermodel. In episode four, she was seen accompanying her sister Kylie Jenner to Santa Barbara for Kourtney’s special engagement, and in the latest episode, we could see her together with Scott Disick and momager, Kris Jenner. However, the star was seen struggling in the kitchen.

    Kris Jenner Asks Help From Her Chef As Kendall Jenner Was Finding It Difficult To Cut The Cucumbers


    Kendall Jenner struggles to cut cucumbers
    Kendall Jenner struggles to cut cucumbers

    On the latest episode of The Kardashians, we saw Kim Kardashian focusing all her energies on passing the baby bar amidst her birthday party with close friends and family. We also saw Kourtney telling Kris Jenner that she broke the engagement ring while rearranging her closet. The highlight of the episode was Kendall Jenner, who had an extended appearance after four episodes. She was seen with her BFF, Hailey Bieber spending time in Miami for Covid recovery. 

    The supermodel misses her mother’s birthday as she spends time in Miami, but she connects to her mother to get the deets of the party. She called Kris and asked how the birthday was. Kris reacts, “Oh my God, we had so much fun!” Kendall asks, “What was the vibe? Was everyone there?” To this, Kris reveals, “Scott came,” which surprised Kendall. Kris told Kendall that Scott and Travis were together and how everything was amicable. 

    Cut to this interaction, Kendall reaches Kris’ new home and praises the interior design and architecture revealing that the two are her “secret passions.” She added, “She [Kris Jenner] killed it, She really did.” The mother-daughter duo proceeds toward the kitchen, and Kendall opens the refrigerator to prepare snacks for her. Though Kris asks her to get the chef’s assistance, Kendall persists to do it by herself. 

    Kendall expresses that cutting cucumbers is easy, but struggles to do so. Kris warns her to be careful as she nicked herself the other day. The supermodel continues to cut the cucumbers uncouthly. Kendall signs the camera team “don’t zoom in on me” as she declares herself not to be a good cutter. She also questions, “Don’t cucumbers have seeds?”

    The Kardashians is streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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