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    The Kardashians: Kendall Jenner Leaves The Dinner Table After A Heated Squabble With Scott

    There is no end to the drama. This Thursday things got pretty heated at the Kardashian general dinner table Between Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick.

    Courtney’s engagement with Travis Barker seems to be the route of all the arguments this Thursday. Kris Jenner had invited Scott Disick to a family dinner on Thursday. Although it was supposed to be a pleasant time it soon turned Unpleasant for the family gathered.

    How Did The Argument Between Kendall Jenner And Scott Start?

    Kendall and Scott
    Kendall and Scott

    Scott Disick did not have a very friendly reaction to Courtney and Travis Barker’s engagement. Kris Jenner has already explained that he has a tendency of playing a victim.

    Wainscot asked Kendall Jenner why he was not invited to her recent birthday party She defended herself. she said, “I didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday… I had dinner at my house but that wasn’t a party.”

    Ultimately after Scott’s constant probing, Kendall admitted that she did not invite him as Courtney was going to be there. But that seemed to fuel the argument even further.

     Kendall Caught In Her Own Web Of Defensive Argument

    Kendall and Scott
    Kendall and Scott

    As soon as the argument grew more serious between the two, Kendall Jenner tried her best to defend her actions. She explained that she was not really trying to leave Scott out of her birthday party but was worried about his feelings.

    Kendal added, “I was the one that was like, Alright, what about Scott’s feelings though? How’s Scott gonna feel?”

    Despite her attempts to defend her actions, the argument reached Its breaking point. “I’m out, this is so f*cking ridiculous. You won’t let me speak, Scott,” she yelled, as she got up from the table and walked inside. she further continued, “You’re talking over me… I’m so over this sh*t, Scott, for real.”

    Even after the whole argument Kendall has expressed nothing but love for Scott and said that they are basically related by blood. Therefore, will always be a part of their family.

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