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    Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ Daughter Makes Big Screen Debut

    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s were once a power couple in the Hollywood industry. The pair broke up in 2012 after being in a marital relationship for 6 long years. The two share a daughter named Suri Cruise who has recently turned 16.

    Suri’s parents opted to keep her out of the public eye for the majority of her childhood. But now, finally, the angle girl has made her first on-screen debut. And it seems like mother Katie is really proud of her daughter.

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    “She Is Very Very Talented,” Katie Praises Her Daughter

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holme
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holme

    Fox News Digital recently reported that Suri cruise starred alongside her mother in the newly released movie ‘Alone Together’. This was the first on-screen appearance of Suri.

    “I always want the highest level of talent,” Holmes said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. “So, I asked her. She’s very, very talented. She said she would do it, and she recorded it, and I let her do her thing. That’s the way I direct in general. It’s like, ‘This is what I think we all want – go do your thing.’”

    The opening credits of the movie feature the 16 years old girl singing a cover of ‘Blue Moon’. Holmes told the outlet this will not be her daughter’s only on-screen singing gig. “She actually did sing in ‘Rare Objects,’ which is the film we did last fall,” Holmes explained. “Other than that, she’s a 16-year-old kid doing high school.”

    Jim Sturgess Can’t Stop Praising Katie Holmes

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holme

    Alone Together‘ which is both written and directed by Katie herself sees a man and woman fleeing New York City during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020. She stars alongside Jim Sturgess in the romantic comedy. Sturgess praised Holmes’ directing style and shared that she gives actors wide latitude when they are in front of the camera.

    She gives you this incredible space between action and cut,” Sturgess said of his co-star. “She very rarely shouted, ‘Cut!’ actually. You’d think the scene had ended and she just kind of left it hanging. I love that she was always searching for those little nuggets of authenticity.”

    The movie is in theatres and will move to video on demand on Friday.

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