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    What Keeps Kendall Jenner Up At Night? Supermodel Reveals Her Biggest Bedroom Secret

    When it comes to our favorite celebrities, fans love to know everything about them. From their dating life and their favorite books to even their daily routines, nothing stays off limits. The American Model Kendall Jenner is no different. She recently divulged details about her nighttime activities.

    Unlike most of us, Kendall’s night routine has more to unwind than just her skincare or her oral hygiene. During a recent interview with Vogue, the reality star revealed her bedtime rituals and also what hinders her good night’s sleep.

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    Kendall Jenner Reveals What Keeps Her Up At Night

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    When asked about the thing that keeps her up at night, Kendall told Vogue that it’s “My anxiety“, adding, “I have struggled with anxiety for years and it can have good and bad days. If I need to wind down, I really make a point to take 15 minutes to meditate to settle my anxiety.”

    There are a few things that the model does to wind down. She said that she usually drinks tea and reads a good book or journal. She also shared that she likes to avoid using her phone before bed, keeps it aside about an hour earlier and tries not to look at it.

    Apart from her scented candle and favorite skincare, Kendall also needs her favorite “SKIMS PJs” at night. As far as her biggest secret in the bedroom is concerned, it has to do with the sheets. We wonder what the supermodel is hiding!

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    Kendall’s Night Rituals

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    Kendall Jenner

    As expected, Kendall’s first priority is to drink a lot of water: “You can’t go wrong with an insulated canteen water bottle.” She said that having a bottle in hand helps to continuously remind her to keep herself hydrated. Then she goes for a refreshing teeth whitening boost.

    Jenner also showed her love for calming scented candles before sleep for the fresh aroma. “I burn the MAD et LEN candle in my bedroom, it smells amazing. The one I always buy is black champaka, it fills the air with a comforting, warm aroma.” Although sheets are her biggest secret, she loves her Blackout curtains.

    Kendall has a set bedtime which keeps her consistent and sometimes she loves to skip her alarm to sleep in a bit extra.

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