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    When Will Trevor Noah Depart ‘The Daily Show’?

    It would be only for a few days that you will see Trevor Noah man ‘The Daily Show’ desk. Last month, the comedian announced that his “time is up” on the show. Trevor is a South African comedian who gained fame hosting various gigs including the South African Music Awards. When Jon Stewart signed off from the show, Noah carried forward the legacy of the satirical news show.

    In September 2022, he announced his departure from the show to focus more on his comedy career. It was a very shocking decision for the fans and the executives too. Noah announced his exit, but there was uncertainty about the date of his final show. Well, the date is not too far!

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    Trevor Noah Will Make His Appearance For One Last Time In December

    Trevor Noah on The Daily Show
    Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

    Noah will be signing off from the host duties at Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’. In one of his episodes, he announced his departure. During the monologue, the comedian cited the reason for his exit, “I spent two years in my apartment, not on the road, and when I got back out there, I realized there’s another part of my life out there that I want to carry on exploring.” Trevor had a contract extension for two years from June 2022. However, his departure was very sudden.

    Now, as per reports, the comedian will star in the final December 8, 2022 episode of the show. It will be the last two months for him on the show. Post the episode, the show will also go on a break and will be back on January 17th, 2023. During the final days, Comedy Central will work on its coverage of midterm elections. The voting for it will begin on October 20th, 2022.

    In a statement, the executive with Paramount said, “Trevor is an incredible talent who has left an indelible mark on ‘The Daily Show’ and we’re grateful for his creative partnership over the past seven years.”

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    Who Will Be The Successor Of ‘The Daily Show?’

    Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah

    Trevor felt missing out on opportunities and experiences when he was bound to the show. In his monologue, he also mentioned what he misses when he is not on tour, “I miss learning other languages. I miss going to other countries and putting on shows.” The time between the departure and possible arrival of the show on January 17, 2022, the network will utilize for “reinvention”. The main question that remains is who will man the desk next after Noah’s exit.

    A Comedy Central spokesperson gave an update regarding this. The spokesperson said, “In time, we will turn to the next chapter of The Daily Show and all of our incredible correspondents will be at the top of that list.”

    Talking about the present scenario, the person said, “Until then, we are focused on celebrating Trevor and thanking him for his many contributions.”

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