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    Where Did Zendaya Go On Her First Date?

    Zendaya has achieved a lot of things in a very short span of time. Starting out as a child model and a backup dancer, she made her acting debut with the Disney Channel sitcom ‘Shake It Up.’ Zendaya then went on to appear in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and in HBO’s ‘Euphoria.’

    At the 2023 CinemCon, the 26-year-old received the Star of the Year Award in Las Vegas inside Caesars Palace. In her acceptance speech, Zendaya revealed her love for cinema and where she went on her first-ever date. So let us find out in detail what she said and where she went on a date for the first time.

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    Zendaya Opens Up About Her First Date

    Zendaya is reportedly getting paid $1 million per episode for the season 3 of 'Euphoria'

    The Star of the Year Award was bestowed to Zendaya at the recently held CinemaCon in Las Vegas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 26-year-old gave a sweet acceptance speech in front of a packed audience.

    I’m so grateful for all of you because without all of you, what I do wouldn’t have a home or place to go,” she said. “I think my gift is storytelling. That’s what I love to do, and it means nothing if those stories don’t get to the people they need to get to.”

    She then talked about the importance of movie theatres and subsequently where she went on for her first date. “In a theater, that’s where someone can feel seen. That’s where someone can feel less alone. That’s when someone can escape. That’s where someone can build a new dream. I have been witness to that and I’ve experienced it myself,” she said.

    The Emmy Award-winning actress then said, “Literally, my first date was when I was 15 years old and it was to go see ‘Spider-Man’ in 3D.” Little did she know that years later, she would join the same franchise.

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    She Returned To Stage At Coachella

    Zendaya and Labrinth during Coachella
    Zendaya and Labrinth at Coachella

    In the second week of Coachella in 2023, the ‘Euphoria‘ actress surprised everyone with her musical performance during Labrinth’s set. She sang two songs from her hit HBO series in front of the audience.

    It was a really special moment for her as she was singing on stage after seven years. In 2012, she had a tryst with music when she released a single titled ‘Replay.’ A year later, she released a self-titled album.

    It went on to debut at the No. 51 spot on the Billboard 200. The actress said that she likes the anonymity of playing different characters as an actor, which isn’t possible for a pop star.

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