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    Who Is Bridgit Mendler, The Disney Star-Turned-CEO Of Her Own Satellite Data Startup?

    From the Disney spotlight to the cosmic stage, Bridgit Mendler is acing it. The actress is a popular face in Hollywood, chiefly known for her role in ‘Good Luck Charlie’. Mendler just added another feather to her hat as she assumed the CEO of her satellite data startup, Northwood Space.

    In a recent post on social media, Mendler revealed her ambitious plans for her El Segundo-based start-up to construct a “data highway between earth and space.” Here’s everything you need to know about this rare star who is combining Hollywood with space.

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    Who Is Bridgit Mendler?

    Bridgit Mendler (Image: Instagram)
    Bridgit Mendler (Image: Instagram)

    Born in December 1992 in Washington D.C., Bridgit Mendler found her passion for acting early. She made her acting debut on the daily soap ‘General Hospital’ at the age of 13. She later graced the silver screen as Kristen Gregory in ‘The Clique’ and later became a part of the Disney Universe as she took up the role of Juliet Van Heusen in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. Her role as Teddy Duncan in ‘Good Luck Charlie’ also owned her recognition.

    The multitalented star also took the lead role in the Disney Channel original movie ‘Lemonade Mouth’ and made waves in the music industry with hit singles like ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Ready or Not’.

    Mendler was at the peak of her career amid glitz and glamour of Hollywood when she decided to take a break from the limelight to focus on her education. In 2018, she announced her enrollment in a graduate program at the prestigious MIT, expressing her desire to improve social media interactions.

    After her graduation in 2020, Mendler pursued a Ph.D. at the MIT Center for Constructive Communications and Social Machines, concurrently attending Harvard Law School as of 2022.

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    Bridgit Mendler Creates Her Space Brainchild After PhD From MIT And Degree From Harvard

    Bridgit Mendler (Image: Instagram)
    Bridgit Mendler (Image: Instagram)

    After earning the highly acclaimed academic degrees, Bridgit Mendler gave birth to her brainchild Northwood Space. Named after a New Hampshire lake, Northwood Space emerged from Mendler’s pandemic-inspired innovation. Mendler and her team were busy crafting antennas from Home Depot finds, receiving data from satellites while the world tried to fight the pandemic.

    Co-founded with former Lockheed Martin engineers Griffin Cleverly and Shaurya Luthra, Northwood Space aims to revolutionize data transmission between Earth and space. In an interview with CNBC, Mendler talked about the startup’s mission to rapidly produce and deploy ground stations and antennas.

    Luthra also talked about Northwood’s commitment to delivering ground stations “within days, not months,” offering a rental model for companies reluctant to build their ground station networks. The idea is similar to cloud services from major tech players.

    Northwood Space is set to launch with an initial funding of $6.3 million from notable investors, including Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, and Also Capital. As reported by Michael Sheetz of CNBC, the company plans its inaugural test connecting to a spacecraft in orbit later this year. It will mark the celestial debut for the former Disney star turned space entrepreneur.

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