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    Who is Kim Mi-soo? Disney+ Snowdrop actress dies ‘suddenly’ at age 29

    Covid brought a lot of sad demises with it. And many of them were famous celebrities. Some of the deaths were due to covid only, but some were due to other reasons. And today, we will discuss one such recent demise of a very famous celebrity. Her name is Kim Mi-soo. But first, we must know more about her. 

    Meet Kim Mi-soo

    Kim Mi-soo
    Kim Mi-soo

    Kim Mi-soo was a much famous actress and model of South Korea. Sadly she was not of much age, but her career was shining. She was born in the year 1992. And she started acting in the year 2018. Lipstick Revolution was her first movie, and she was also the supporting actress for Kyungmi’s World. 

    Her Demise

    Kim Mi-soo
    Kim Mi-soo

    It came as a shocker for everyone on 5th January as Kim was only 29 years old and was starting to gain attention. Her most recent appearance was in the television show Snowdrop. This show is ongoing, and only seven episodes are out yet. This show has a lot of controversies going on, and she was also a victim of these controversies. But her best acting ever was in the show Snowdrop. But the reason for the demise is not yet out. Many fans are following the news and waiting for more information. And due to this, many rumors are also rising. And the family is asking to not raise any rumors. 

    Kim’s Movies and Shows

    Kim Mi-soo
    Kim Mi-soo

    There aren’t many movies and television shows as Kim was new in the industry. But her work was good like non-other. Her movies include:

    1. Lipstick Revolution – This movie came in the year 2018. And in this movie, she was playing the role of Jo-Yeon. But this movie was a short movie. 
    2. Memories – This movie was also a short movie and was directed by Kim Jong-Kwan. And in this movie, she was playing the role of Seon-ah.
    3. Kyungmi’s World – This was her main debut. This movie came out at Busan International Film Festival. And this movie won different awards too. These awards were CGK & Samyang XEEN Award.
    4. The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey – This was the latest movie by Kim. And in that, she was playing the role of a Reporter.

    And her television shows include:

    1. Drama Festa – She was part of the episode named Human Luwak. And it was in the year 2018. And Kim was playing the role of Jung Ji-Hyun.
    2. Hi Bye, Mama! – This show came in the year 2020. And she played the role of Cha Yun-Ji in the show. 
    3. Into the Ring – She was playing the role of Kwon Woo-young in this show. And it came out in the year 2020. 
    4. Drama Special – This was also in the year 2020, and in this, she was in the episode One Night. She played the role of Jo Joo-young.
    5. Yumi’s Cells – She only had a cameo role in this show in episode twelve.
    6. Snowdrop – Her latest and most famous television show was this. And she was playing the role of Yeo Jung-min. 
    Sakshi Goel
    Sakshi Goel
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