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    Britney Spears’ Fans Ask Her To “Get Help” Over New Instagram Post. Here’s Why

    Britney Spears‘ army of loyal fans asked her to get some help. The ‘Princess of Pop’ is receiving concerned pleas from her fans over a strange video shared by her on Instagram. The video shows the singer modelling an outfit while staring deep into the camera.

    Spears’ Insta account is filled with many such videos, where she’s walking back and forth in front of the camera while adorning different outfits. Her admirers believe this repetitive behaviour accounts for help.

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    Britney Spears’ Strange Posts Make Fans Wonder If She’s Back On Meds

    Britney always post similar sort of pictures
    Britney always posts similar sort of pictures

    The ‘Toxic‘ singer captioned her new post with speculation about some missing content from her social media account. “Had to repost cause I woke up this morning and saw some posts weren’t there !!! I mean it was just up yesterday!!!” Spears wrote alongside the video of herself moving her hips in a pair of low-rise pants. She added, “This is the tropical shirt from paradise and remember I never went home … I’m still there!!!”

    The chaotic clip alongside the caption sent her fans into a frenzy. “Does no one find the frequency of these a bit much. I feel like something is awry,” one concerned fan wrote while another added, “What’s going on Brit? This is not the Free Britney we were all hoping for. Something is wrong. Did someone put you back on meds?”

    “Get help!” a user pleaded to the American singer. While another echoed, “Someone help her. It’s all so disturbing #FREEBRITNEY.”

    Spears Wants To Ditch Hollywood To Hang Out With Homeless People

    Britney Spears with husband Sam Asgahri
    Britney Spears with husband Sam Asgahri

    As OK! reported, the ‘Gimme More‘ singer has been raising eyebrows as of late with her social media antics. Aside from often going after her estranged family for their alleged role in her conservatorship, on July 14, Spears went on a rant about people in Los Angeles. “Does that mean the devil is EXTREMELY HOT AND NICE??? I’d rather hang out with homeless people than the people in Hollywood … JUST SAYING !!!!” the blonde beauty penned alongside a photo that read, “God is not nice.”

    She later shared a photoshopped picture of her head pasted onto the promotional photo of Hulu’s show ‘The Great‘ where the character is seen sticking up her middle finger. “HELLO AMERICA !!! YEP I SAID IT !!!” she wrote beside the odd snap.

    This odd social media behaviour has only intensified after the termination of her 13-year-long conservatorship in November 2021. The icon also made headlines for a not-so-frequent incident. Last week, Spears ran out of gas on the highway and the police were called. Authorities found her unharmed in the backseat of a passerby’s vehicle. Her husband, Sam Asgahri, came to pick her up once the police were able to move her car to safety.

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