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    Why Camilla Parker-Bowles Wasn’t Allowed To Become Princess Of Wales Despite Marrying Prince Charles?

    It can be a little difficult to understand everyone’s titles in the British royal family. For individuals who are born into royalty as opposed to those who marry into the family, there are various laws, and even then, they can be a little confusing. The same confusion arises when we talk about the title of Camilla Parker-Bowles who is married to Prince Charles

    When a woman marries the British royal family, she typically receives her husband’s title in feminine form. That is how Meghan Markle obtained the title of Duchess of Sussex; following their wedding as Prince Harry is Duke of Sussex. This is similar to Lady Diana Spencer, who became the Princess of Wales after marrying Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. 

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    Why Isn’t Camilla Parker-Bowles The Princess Of Wales? 

    Reasons why Camilla Parker Bowles didn't qualify to be Prince Charles's wife
    King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles

    Since Prince Charles and Camilla are married, Camilla should be referred to as HRH (Her Royal Highness) The Princess of Wales. HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, the feminine equivalent of one of Charles’s other titles, is her official title instead. The eldest son of the British monarch in power typically holds the title of Duke of Cornwall. Camilla is not referred to as the Princess of Wales for a very straightforward reason. Diana wasn’t the first Princess of Wales, but she was closely identified with the title. When Charles got married to Camilla, she was not very well-liked by the British population and so it was decided that she will take the title of Duchess of Cornwall even though, she is technically the Princess of Wales. 

    Equally contentious was Camilla’s position as Charles’ consort when he becomes King. Even though she would technically be Queen consort, Clarence House had declared that Camilla would accept the style of Princess consort when Charles assumes the throne. Clarence House, however, withdrew the claim that Camilla was to be styled as Princess consort in 2018. But all that confusion has been cleared up now that King Charles has descended to the throne and Camilla has assumed the position of Queen consort. 

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    If Not Camilla Parker-Bowles Then Who Is The Princess Of Wales? 

    Kate Middleton's net worth
    Kate Middleton

    The new Princess of Wales is Kate Middleton. Everyone in the royal family has been given new responsibilities and duties since the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8. Prince Charles was formally proclaimed the new King of Britain not long after the death of the Queen. He will have to renounce his previous titles, such as Prince of Wales after he is crowned the new king of the United Kingdom. As everyone is aware, Prince William, his eldest son, is now the new successor to the throne and is now the Prince of Wales; Kate Middleton, his wife, is Princess of Wales, a title that William’s mother Princess Diana used.

    In his inaugural speech, King Charles III referred to William and Kate as the new Prince and Princess of Wales. The Prince and Princess of Wales titles have been added to their social media names as well. Before becoming King and Queen Consort, Charles and his wife Camilla held the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cornwell, which Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton also adopted. Before Kate, Diana assumed the title of Duchess of Wales upon her 1981 marriage to King Charles. 

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