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    Why Does Timothée Chalamet Hate Social Media?

    Timothée Chalamet is one of Hollywood’s favorites. He is quite young in the industry and still has major box office hits credited to his name. The actor was present at the 2022 Venice Film Festival to promote his recent film ‘Bones and All,’ where he also talked about a lot of things, apart from movies and Hollywood.

    The 26-year-old actor didn’t hesitate to express his loathing for social media, the Internet, and how young people like him are living in a complex society. Here’s what the ‘Dune’ actor said about social media and TikTok.

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    Timothée Chalamet Finds It Tough To Be Alive In The Age Of Social Media

    Timothée Chalamet talks about how he hates social media and links to his latest film, Bones And All.
    Timothée Chalamet in ‘Bones And All’

    Speaking at The Venice Film Festival, the actor said, “To be young now, and to be young whenever – I can only speak for my generation – is to be intensely judged.” He also added that he despises the feeling of being “intensely judged” by these online platforms, since, as an actor, Timothée is always in the public eye. He even suggested that these feelings of judgment caused by the Internet and the sites could lead to a “societal collapse“.

    His latest film ‘Bones And All’ is set in the 1980s, a time period when social media didn’t exist. Chalamet and Taylor Russel play the role of two lovers, who also happen to be cannibalistic. They’re set on a journey across the United States.

    Talking about the movie, he continued, “And it was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit or Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and figure out where they fit in. Without casting judgement on that, you can find your tribe here, but I think it’s tough to be alive now.”

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    Chalamet’s Mother Is Proud Of His Sons For His Shining Career In The Movies

    Timothée Chalamet's mom is very proud of his son
    Timothée Chalamet with his mom

    Timothée’s mother, Nicole Flender, is extremely proud of his son, who dropped out of college to pursue acting. Appreciating his son, she said, “He took the semesters off because he got professional work. And then he worked non-stop, ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Hostiles’.”

    “I always encouraged him to pursue his passion and dreams. However, I did not want him to leave Columbia. I had gone to Yale, and I just felt college would help him be a well-rounded individual. But we didn’t know that he was going to become Timothée Chalamet,” she added.

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