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    Why Is Serena Williams’ Father Auctioning $1.4 Million Mansion Where He Taught Tennis To His Daughters?

    King Richard William is fighting to keep hold of the rotting Florida mansion. The legend who’s the father of tennis players Serena Williams and Venus is hell bound to keep his mansion away from the market. Though his efforts are failing as a date has been set for its sale to pay off creditors. The Williams landed in such a debacle due to Richard’s third ex-wife. She has drowned herself in debt after spending thousands on “fast food.

    Looks like Serena Williams would have to say goodbye to her childhood home very soon. Let’s take a closer look into this situation.

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    Richard William’s Ex-Wife Remortaged The House To Spend On Fast Food And Failed Business

    Richard William with his 3rd ex-wife Lakeisha
    Richard William with his 3rd ex-wife LakeishaRichard William

    The Florida mansion will be sold off to cover the spiraling debts of Lakeisha. The four-bedroom mansion is worth around $1.4million, and will be sold at an online auction at 10 am on August 25, court docs reveal.

    Most of the proceeds of the sale will go to “hard lender” David Simon, who loaned Serena’s stepmom $255,000. Apparently, she faked Richard’s signature to remortgage the property and blew it on fast food and a failed trucking business. Simon’s attorney’s have now filed a proposed order. It says that Richard, 80, will not be allowed to contest the decision. He stated, “Richard Williams has forever waived any and all claims, defences and appellate rights he had or has relating to directly or indirectly to the above-captioned suit.”

    Whereas Lakeisha, 43, has twice filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. But she failed to convince the courts that she had the necessary funds to keep up with a repayment plan of around $8,000 a month after falling behind. After losing that battle, she filed another case just before the house was about to go for sale. As per Lakeisha, she now has the money to pay the installments on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, Richard will still lose the house, either way.

    Are William And Ex-Wife Lakeisha Back Together?

    The horrible conditions of the Florida mansion
    The horrible conditions of the Florida mansion

    In 2009, Richard married Lakeisha, his third wife, and then filed for a divorce in 2017. Even after filing the divorce, Lakeisha continued to stay in the House in Florida. Allegedly, she bought the house from Richard for just $10, which the tennis coach denied. Recently, she appealed the court’s decision, as she wants the case to be reinstated. Notably, he filed a lawsuit for around $1 million against his estranged wife during the bankruptcy case, which the judge dismissed.

    As for the property they have started billing $1,550 for a “drone and four-point inspection.” This is after the property had fallen into such disrepair that it is currently uninsurable due to its condition. The pictures, filed as exhibits in court, revealed that the grounds and main house are rotting, cars appear to have been abandoned at the property, there’s internal damage from the leaking roof, bathrooms are in a dirty state, and air conditioning units are falling apart. Simon fears that the house could eventually be worthless, and he’ll lose any chance of clawing his money back

    As for Richard and Lakeisha, it looked like the pair had momentarily reconciled when she halted their divorce. She even asked the courts to dismiss the case, with her lawyer stating, “They have engaged in an active marital life including having regular weekly sexual relations including but not limited to on January 9, 2022.”

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