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    Why Was Sadie Sink Not Ready For Her First Kiss On ‘Stranger Things’?

    Returning to 2016, Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ ended perfectly with the Snowball dance. However, not all fans were happy with the closing. The kiss between Max Mayfield and Lucas Sinclair was found inappropriate by many. Fans objected to the showrunners for including an intimate scene between two young actors. Recently, Sadie Sink who plays Max in the series, shared how she felt about the kiss with Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas.

    In an interview with IndieWire, Sadie along with the showrunners, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, revealed that the kiss in the ninth episode of season two was unscripted. She shared that the Duffer Brothers popped it on the day she arrived for the shoot for the Snowball dance. The news startled the young actress. Recently, Sadie again talked about her kiss with McLaughlin that which was awkward and stressful.

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    “Awkward”: Sadie Sink On Her First Kiss

    Lately, Sadie answered questions for W Magazine’s 2023 Best Performances Portfolio where the 20-year-old actress shared her mind on bidding adieu to ‘Stranger Things’ and auditioning for her upcoming film ‘The Whale’. She shared that both McLaughlin and she were awkward during their first kiss on screen in ‘Stranger Things’.

    Sadie was 15 years old at the time and McLaughlin was 16. However, the ‘Fear Street’ actress was not uncomfortable or angry with the last-minute addition. Moreover, Sadie looks back at the moment humorously.

    “We were both awkward, but it was also funny because all our friends were there and all these extras and lights and music. It was nerve-wracking at the time, but I look back now and can laugh about it,” shared the Stranger Things actress with W Magazine.

    In the interview with IndieWire, Sadie asserted that she would not do anything with which she was not comfortable. On Beyond Stranger Things, Ross Duffer jokingly reminisced about the filming. Seeing Sadie freak out about the unscripted kiss he said, “Well, I gotta make her do it now.

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    Sadie’s Reaction To Media Backlash

    Not all were thrilled with the sweet moment between Max and Lucas in The Gate episode of ‘Stranger Things’. There were a lot of disappointed comments on social media against the Duffer Brothers.

    However, Sadie on The Wrap shared that she is very comfortable with the showrunners and trusts that they do the “best job”. Ross on Beyond Stranger Things said that he popped the kiss as a joke but Sadie’s strong reaction against it motivated him to add it to the filming.

    Sadie also talked about the finale of Stranger Things. She shared, “I’m excited. I think it’s ending at the exact right time—but it’ll be emotional.” Sadie is one of Hollywood’s coming-of-age actresses. Starting her career with theatre she has attracted Broadway, Netflix, and now film producers.

    ‘The Whale’ released on 9 December 2022 where Sadie plays the bitter daughter, Elle. She shared her experience auditioning for the film. The young actress was nervous at first about losing the part. But after reading some lines with director Darren Aronofsky and Brendan Fraser who plays Charlie, she was offered the role.

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