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    Will Ezra Miller Continue As The Flash In James Gunn’s Rebooted DCU?

    Ezra Miller‘s career as Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in the DC Universe, is in jeopardy right now. Miller appeared to have sealed their own doom with multiple arrests and unnerving off-screen conduct, and the frequent delays of the film appeared to be delaying the eventual termination of Miller’s Flash appearances in any further installments of the franchise.

    But since then, the DCEU as it existed has mostly been dismantled, and many people believed it meant Miller would automatically join Henry Cavill and other notable figures as a part of DC history. However, it appears that might not be the case. Is James Gunn bringing Ezra Miller back into the new DCU?

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    Why Did Ezra Miller Exit The DCEU?

    Since The Flash movie production was finished in October 2021, Miller has been at the heart of a string of regrettable controversies. They unexpectedly removed their Instagram page after responding to charges of grooming with a torrent of memes, and it seems like things get worse every day.

    In a separate controversy, Ezra was responsible for a woman and her 12-year-old child receiving a temporary harassment order. Ezra reportedly acted improperly in front of the youngster and their family. Subsequently, Ezra has also sought mental treatment. They have also apologized for their actions. Due to such issues- and more, DCEU had to make the decision to drop the actor.

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    Will Ezra Return As ‘The Flash’ For James Gunn’s DCU?

    The future of the DCU is in a peculiar state of uncertainty. Currently developing a full slate of new TV episodes and films with a focus on the DC universe are James Gunn and Peter Safran, who are now in charge of DC Studios. While all is happening in the background, a list of prospective blockbuster DC movies from the previous franchise—which now seems to have no actual place in the world—is shown upfront.

    As the next ‘The Flash‘ movie approaches, a fresh story regarding Miller’s likely future with the series has surfaced. Variety reports that they have heard from many Warner Bros. officials that they would be “amenable to continuing with the actor” beyond ‘The Flash’. It’s not clear if the executives in question are Warner Bros. or CEO David Zaslav. Nevertheless, there is a slight possibility that Miller might return as his titular character.

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