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    X-Men Star Sir Ian McKellen Responds To Elizabeth Olsen’s Request For Him To Play Her Marvel Father

    Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is doing wonders at the box office as well as for Phase IV of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The film has hit the theaters and the audience has showered love on the second installment. Till the release, the audience insinuated that Elizabeth Olsen’s character Scarlet Witch is the villain. However, the film defies some parts of the theory and makes her “motive” the central part of her character’s arc. But, we do not know Wanda entirely. Though her backstory is shown in the Infinity Saga and the Emmy nominated series Wanda Vision, the predecessors of Wanda are still under the carpet. However, in an interview, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she wants X-men star Ian McKellen to play her MCU paternal figure.

    Ian McKellen Responded To Olsen’s Interest In Him Playing Her MCU Daddy

    Ian McKellen as Magneto, Scarlet Witch's father
    Ian McKellen as Magneto, Scarlet Witch’s father

    We do not know Wanda’s story in its entirety. Though we know how she gains and loses her powers and her transformation into Scarlet Witch, her parents are still under the wraps. As per the Comics, Wanda is the daughter of Magneto. Marvel has not introduced the X-men properly so, it is difficult to connect the dots regarding her origin. In an interview, Elizabeth Olsen was given an option as to whom she wanted her daddy to be between Sir Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender.

    To this, Elizabeth chose the former X-men actor and revealed that she had the biggest crush on him. She answered, “I’m gonna go with Sir Ian McKellen. I had the biggest crush on him. He’s in these videos called Playing Shakespeare where actors get together and they do a Shakespeare… It’s a video series. He’s like the sexiest man in the world so I would say, Sir Ian McKellen.” McKellen took it to Facebook to respond to this. He said, “If I had a daughter, I’d hope she’d be like Elizabeth. A treat to be her Daddy!”

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