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    “You Need To Play Along With The Comedian”: ‘The View’ Host Says Taylor Swift Should “Get Over” Jo Koy’s Jokes On Her

    Another one of ‘The View‘ hosts tells Taylor Swift to “Have a sense of humor” for the NFL joke. Joy Behar, known for her comedic flare, didn’t mince words when it came to discussing the aftermath of Jo Koy’s Golden Globes monologue.

    Swift’s seemingly sour reaction to Koy’s remark regarding the frequency of her appearances at NFL games did not get a nod of approval from the comedy queen. She could not help but slide a comment on the situation.

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    Taylor Swift Should’ve “Played Along” According To Joy Behar

    Taylor Swift’s reaction to Jo Koy’s Joke

    Joy Behar gave her two cents on Taylor Swift’s reaction to Jo Koy’s Golden Globes monologue. She said, “When Jo Koy made a joke about Taylor Swift, that was a mistake, because no one laughed, and Taylor took a sip, I noticed, in the moment, which indicated she was not happy with that.” 

    The 81-year-old comic acknowledged Swift’s underwhelming reaction to the joke but told her, “Meanwhile, she needs to get over it, also. It’s like, come on, it’s just a joke about how many times we see you on awards shows. It wasn’t that funny, but you need to play along with the comedian.”

    Joy Behar believes that, despite the misfire, Swift should take such jokes in stride, stressing the lighthearted nature of humorous banter on these great stages.

    Behar’s sentiments come only days after her ‘The View‘ co-hosts chastised Taylor and other celebs at the Globes for their lackluster response to Koy’s monologue.

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    Joy Behar On Comedians Hosting Major Awards Shows

    Joy Behar on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship

    Being familiar with the nuances of comedy, Joy Behar explored the difficulties faced by comedians. She emcees major award presentations and thereby shared her perspective on Jo Koy’s hosting role. Behar called the hosting gig one of the hardest jobs in the business and exclusive to certain comedic abilities.

    She said, “Ricky Gervais is the only one — maybe Steve Martin could do it, because he’s part of the community — but, I believe that if you’re going to have a stand-up comedian, they have to be outside the big people, the adults. We have to be the ones who will take no prisoners and say what everyone else is thinking, and they don’t care if you don’t laugh.”

    According to Behar, Koy’s recognized shortcoming is that he worries excessively about the response from the live audience and, most importantly, assigns blame to his writers. She added, “You never do that. Johnny Carson never did that. When his jokes bombed, he never said, ‘Thanks, writers!’ He never did that. He took full responsibility when they got a laugh, and he took it when they bombed.”

    In another sentence, she defended him and said, “I love Jo Koy and the whole time I was nervous for him because I think he’s so funny. He’s kind, he’s good, all the things. What bothers me more in watching this is, get a sense of humor, because we need to protect these national treasures called our comedians, because life needs them.” 

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