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    “You’re An A**hole”: Alec Baldwin Reveals Why He Cursed ‘The Beatles’ Star Paul McCartney During A Yoga Class

    Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin recently appeared on the ‘Our Way’ podcast with hosts Paul Anka and Skip Bronson, and he did not hold back while sharing a rather hilarious experience involving ‘The Beatles‘ legend Paul McCartney.

    Baldwin recalled his olden days in Los Angeles when he used to attend yoga classes with a group of friends who were also celebrities. Some notable names in this group included ‘Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels and Paul McCartney’s brother-in-law, John Eastman. The group, popularly known as the “yoga boys” shared a lot of fun moments, one of which Baldwin shared during the podcast interview.

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    Here’s Why Alec Baldwin Called Paul McCartney An A**hole

    Alec Baldwin and Paul McCartney
    Alec Baldwin and Paul McCartney

    As Alec Baldwin reminisced about the yoga sessions he had with the “yoga boys“, he recalled that he was in awe of Paul McCartney‘s physical prowess. The actor mentioned that despite being not-so-young at the time, McCartney effortlessly performed a headstand.

    The only one who was really adept at yoga was McCartney. He would do a handstand or a headstand and he had the most lithe body you’ve ever seen — and back then he was in his late ’60s — and he was so fit,” Baldwin recalled.

    The actor then recounted this one particular incident when Paul just casually performed a headstand before casually mentioning his plans to take his daughter to lunch. “One time he does a headstand before he leaves, and he gets up and whispers to me, he goes, ‘I’m gonna go take my daughter to lunch. I’ll see you guys later,'” Baldwin said.

    The Rust’ actor then said he fell short of words for McCartney. “I looked up at him after he does the headstand and I go, ‘You’re an asshole,”‘ Baldwin said, adding that he had never thought he would call one of ‘The Beatles’ an asshole.

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    Alec Baldwin Opens Up About His Struggle With Substance Abuse And The Journey To Sobriety

    Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin also acknowledged that he was nothing but awestruck by McCartney’s impressive fitness level, which is why he made that comment. Having spoken of Los Angeles, Baldwin also revealed that his time in the city may be drawing to a close. The actor said that he has plans to relocate his family to Vermont.

    During the podcast, the Emmy winner also opened up about his alcohol problem and the journey to sobriety. He declared that he has been 39 years sober since February 23, 1985. Opening up about his past struggles with substance abuse, Baldwin admitted to having an addiction to cocaine and alcohol during his early years in New York City.

    I had a white-hot problem every day for two years. I think I snorted a line of cocaine from here to Saturn,” the actor said, further adding how he turned to alcohol to get rid of his drug problem. However, the actor has now been long sober and is enjoying a clean, addiction-free life.

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