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    DC Comics: The Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller Will Get Her Spin-off Show

    The merger between Discovery and Warner Bros. is proving to be a boon for the DC Extended Universe. David Zaslav, the CEO of the merged entity has also expressed that there is a lack of coherent creative and brand strategy at DC Comics. He also hinted at a revival of many secondary characters of DC Comics onto the big screen. James Gunn’s Peacemaker has had a thunderous response from the fans. There may be another character up for revival from 2016’s DC Venture The Suicide Squad.

    DC Comics Will Have A Spin-Off Series Of Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller

    Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad as Amanda Waller
    Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad as Amanda Waller

    James Gunn, the director of both Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad has given new life to certain secondary characters from DCEU’s Cinematic Universe. The audience was not impressed by the characters in the ensemble. However, Gunn brought Peacemaker back in the HBO Max series with the same title. Now, we may expect a new announcement about Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller getting her series.

    As per a report, the veteran actress is in talks with Warner Bros., about the Amanda Waller Spin-off series. Though there is a blanket as of yet on any other updates, the series will pick up from the end of the Peacemaker, the signature James Gunn style as he will be an Executive Producer on the series. Amanda Waller is quite a well-fleshed character in the DC Comics universe. She works for political machinery after a lot of hardships in her personal life. While being a campaign director for Marvin Collins, a Democrat candidate, she discovers the old Task Force X files in the dust.

    This search gives birth to The Suicide Squad. Many actors have portrayed the role of Amanda Waller, but Viola Davis’ portrayal was critically as well as mass acclaimed. However, if we look at David’s comments he wants not only to revive secondary characters but bring back some primary characters in the spotlight like Henry Cavill’s Superman. The question arises is why out of all, Amanda Wallers is the one to get an independent, spin-off series? 

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