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    Fan Poster Imagines Jensen Ackles As New DCU Batman And It’s Amazingly Accurate

    If Superman has acquired a new face, then why not Batman? With James Gunn and Peter Safran steering the rebooted DCEU, they announced that the new Batman will feature in ‘The Brave and The Bold’. While ‘Superman:Legacy’ has locked down on the cast, the fans are now speculating on which actor is more suited to take over the mantle of Dark Knight.

    However, the future of the renewed DC Universe is still skeptical and unclear on how Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ will be integrated into it. Additionally, Ben Affleck might be stepping down from the role. The DC buffs seemed to have made peace with it as they have already found their new Batman.

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    Will Jensen Ackles Be The New Batman Of Rebooted DCEU?

    Jensen Ackles
    Jensen Ackles

    A new Twitter post circulating recently has gained a lot of attention. The post suggested Jensen Ackles in the mantle as the next Batman in the DCU. As reported by Deadline, Ackles spoke about the possibility of becoming the next Batman at the Jus In Bello Convention in Italy. The ‘Supernatural’ star did not try hiding his desperation for playing the Dark Knight. 

    When asked about his interest in playing Batman, Ackles shared “I mean, could I do it? Sure. Would I want to do it? Yes”. However, Ackles also said that he had not had any conversations with anyone at DC Studios about playing Batman in the DC Universe headed by James Gunn and Peter Safran. “Would I entertain the idea of playing my favorite superhero of all time? Nah, I’m good. It seems like a lot of work, you know”. Further joking Ackles said, “You gotta put in a bat suit and be a superhero. I would love it. Sign me up”.

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    Why Ackles Is A Perfect Fit For New Batman

    Jensen Ackles

    Jensen Ackles is not unfamiliar with the Batman world. The actor has voiced the Dark Knight in many animation adaptations of Batman. Ackles began voicing the character in a 2021 two-part film ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’. He later reprised the role in ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ which was released in February. In the upcoming summer release, ‘Justice League: Warworld’, the actor will voice the character. 

    However, all the films featuring Ackles in the voice of Batman are set in the Tomorrowverse which is a shared DC Universe. Tomorrowverse began with ‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ released in 2020. Additionally, Ackles also voiced Jason Todd/ Red Hood in the 2010 animated film ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’.

    However, James Gunn seems to have taken age under serious consideration for the role of his superheroes. The actor is already 45 years old, which is four years older than when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. But it’s possible that the DCU might stick with an older, more seasoned Batman. Also, Jensen Ackles deserves to be part of a Batman live-action film. 

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