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    James Gunn Reveals New Wonder Woman Villian Actress For Rebooted DCU

    James Gunn and Peter Safran’s rebooted DC universe features new faces and a new dawn for the franchise fueled with a fresh perceptive. Gunn replacing Herny Cavill with David Corenswet is just the beginning of his DC canon.

    Before ‘Superman: Legacy’, ‘Creature Commandos’ – a quirky animated series is set to debut with new characters. Now, Gunn has revealed the actress who would play the new Wonder Woman villain.

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    Who Will Play The Role Of New Wonder Woman Villian?

    Anya Cholatra
    Anya Cholatra

    James Gunn is the only director who is socially active out there. Time and again, he tweets and responds to the fans who are bubbling up with various theories, rumors, and questions about the upcoming rebooted DC universe. Recently Gunn responded to a fan with a query from November 2023, which was about ‘Creature Commandos’. Gunn confirmed that ‘The Witcher’ star Anya Cholatra will be portraying Circe, Wonder Woman’s antagonist.

    ‘Creature Commandos’ will mark the first DCU appearance of the Wonder Woman antagonist, Circe. Gunn confirmed the rumors saying, “Yes. And there are other cool characters in the show played by other cool actors. But all of the series regulars were announced.”

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    Who Is Circe In The DC Universe?


    Circe, introduced in the comic book in 1949, is an immortal sorceress who shares both her name and general characterization with the ancient Greek mythological figure of the same name. She is one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies as her arch-nemesis, alongside Cheetah and Ares.

    Along with Anya Cholatra’s Circe  Frank Gillo will portray Rick Flag. Sr and Indira Varma will play Bride of Frankenstein. Also joining the crew, Viola Davis will reprise Amanda Waller in the animated show along with Sean Gunn returning as the voice of Weasel. 

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