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    Ryan Reynolds Responds To The Reveal Of The Justice League’s Green Lantern Picture

    Over the years, former Green Lantern actor Ryan Reynolds has poked fun at his character in the DCEU’s Green Lantern, which was a critical as well as a commercial disaster. However, this time he has come in support of the franchise by reacting to the official image of Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart, who was snubbed from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

    The Apprehensions Of Warner Bros. About The Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Corps
    Green Lantern Corps

    The rollercoaster ride that Justice League was for Zack Snyder is known second to none. After the 2017 cut did not go well for both the audience and film critics, fans demanded the original cut that made the 4-hours long Snyder cut come to fruition on HBO Max, but there were a handful of elements that were omitted like Wayne’s debut in the Green Lantern franchise as the terrific John Stewart.

    Warner Bros. was apprehensive about the introduction of the new character as they, since 2014, are planning to revamp the series with the Green Lantern Corps film. Zack had already filmed scenes with Carr. The former director Martin Campbell of the Ryan Reynolds starrer Green Lantern too had issues with the executives at the Warner Bros. While promoting his film ‘The Protegé’ on Reddit, he was asked about the film and he revealed that his career’s biggest fight was with the executives at the Warner Bros. and blamed it for the distaste and distance from the genre.

    Wayne T. Carr Reveals His Character To The Fans

    Though Green Lantern was not part of Justice League, Snyder shared a picture of Carr’s character on his Twitter. The fans have been requesting #RestoreTheSnyderVerse and created a movement online. Amidst this, Wayne took the task on himself and revealed the High-Resolution picture of John Stewart from Green Lantern. On Twitter, he shared a picture with the caption, “Give the fans what they want- JL 2 / 3 #RestoreTheSnyderVerse ????????????????????In the brightest day…”

    Ryan Reynolds’ Reaction To The Post

    Ryan Reynolds liked the post
    Wayne’s tweet liked Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan has not left any chance of taking jibes at his character from 2011 Green Lantern. He has since played the most iconic character of Wade Wilson in the Deadpool series. He even poked fun at his Green Lantern character several times in the Deadpool film itself. 

    In an interview, Ryan said while explaining why he makes fun of the film, “I think it’s more about just laughing at myself, not laughing at other people, necessarily, that are involved in a project. But laughing at myself and my contribution to that failure or however you want to characterize it. It was just something that I thought was worth examining, you know? And in examining it, you take that energy that is – typically, maybe it’s hurtful or maybe it’s something that’s dragging you down – and you end up creating a sort of mental Judo with it. You’re using its energy against it and creating something positive out of it.”

    Ryan Reynolds has liked the tweet of Wayne T Carr, which Carr later shared on Instagram thanking him. Though the character did not get a deserving placement in the universe, fans are hopeful for its reappearence in the upcoming slate of films announced from 2022 to 23.

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