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The Batman Spinoff Series Penguin Starring Colin Farrell To Drop Soon On HBO Max

The wait is over, The Batman is finally in theaters now. The early reviews for the film are in and almost all of them deem it to be the ultimate masterpiece based on the superhero made as yet. Although the film is standalone as of now, the creator has expressed his intentions to produce spinoffs and sequels based on it. And one spin-off is already confirmed, based on one of the villains Penguin.

The Batman features Riddler as the main villain, however, Penguin will also make a part of the film as an antagonist. While Riddler seems to be undertaking crimes to reach Bruce Wayne, Penguin is expected to be the main mayhem-causing element for the citizens of Gotham City. Actor Colin Farrell plays Penguin in the Matt Reeves directed film. The spin-off series based on Penguin was announced last year.

About The Spin-Off TV Series Based On Penguin

Penguin in The Batman
Penguin in The Batman

The series will come on HBO Max and Farrell has come on board to portray the role. Moreover, Colin will also be executive producing the series. Matt Reeves, earlier, revealed that the idea was incepted as a sequel to The Batman. However, Warner Bros decided for Penguin’s story to be a TV series. Matt Reeves will also serve as one of the executive producers of the show. However, details about him directing the series or specific episodes in the series aren’t yet disclosed.

The plot will revolve around the rise of Oswald ‘Oz’ Cobblepot in the criminal underworld in Gotham City. The script is being developed by Lauren LeFranc. Previously, Farrell revealed that his role in The Batman is short covering around only 10 minutes of the screen time in the almost 3 hours long film.

More Deets About The Series As Disclosed By The Team

Colin Farrell will star as Penguin in the series
Colin Farrell will star as Penguin in the series

Colin Farrell who plays Oswald Cobblepot revealed some details about the series in one of his interviews. “We have to get into what made him the man he is. And also, it will pick up where this film finished off I think. I think it’ll pick up a little short time after the last frame of this film. We’ll get to go on a little kind of left turn off to the world of Oz and how he’s beginning to kind of dream of filling a potential power vacuum that may exist,” Farrell told about the series.

Furthermore, he added, “It’s a lovely, lovely character, and explores vulnerabilities. His violence is apparent, his propensity for violence and his ability to use it as a tool is apparent, but [also] to see we all have soft spots. Every single person. And to be able to find that location, dig around it would be fun.”

Other than The Penguin series, another spin-off series that’s already in the works is one based on the Gotham Police Department. Tim Burton is roped in for the series. However, The Penguin series is expected to premier much sooner than the Gotham PD series as revealed by Reeves.

Matt Reeves has also revealed that the series will be connected to The Batman and will complement the film’s story. As The Batman will explore the early years of Wayne as a vigilante, The Penguin series is expected to continue after the happenings of the film starring Robert Pattinson in the lead. The Batman hits the screens on the 4th of this May.

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