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    What Is The Justice Society Of America? Is Black Adam A Member Of It?

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upcoming DC movie Black Adam‘ has raised some pretty interesting questions. To answer them, let’s look at the origins of Black Adam and Justice society. For the first time, Black Adam appears as Teth-Adam, an ancient Egyptian man who was chosen by the Wizard Shazam to become the “Mighty Adam”. After the mythic crisis on Infinite Earths, his origins were rewritten to exclude Egypt entirely, trading it in for the fictional Northern African nation of Kahndaq.

    The Justice Society of America has long been a core part of the DC universe, with most of our favorite popular heroes popping up time and time again, including in a very big way in DC’s ‘Stargirl‘ series. The new DC movie is set to hit theaters in October.

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    How Was Justice Society Formed?


    The JSA is a classic Golden Age superhero team that made its debut in 1941’s ‘All-Star Comics #3‘ much before DC comics were written. Decades before the fans of a group of DC legends teamed up for 2021’s Snyder hit, Batman, Flash, and the Green Lantern were also called in for a secret meeting. A government agent asked them to covertly take out a Nazi stronghold. When the three of them got captured during the mission, Doctor Fate and his team came in to display their talents. However, the mission got ridiculously complicated when Adolf Hitler used a mystical spear to summon Valkyries.

    The heroes were extremely lucky as they weren’t out of backup yet as Hawkman, Sandman, and Atom were pulled into the battle too. The Specter and Superman held up the team by making big appearances at the last second and saving our heroes. After successfully working against the common enemy, the heroes agree that a new alliance should be formed. Superman lays the groundwork for the team to be called the “Justice Society of America”.

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    Is Black Adam A Justice Society Member?

    Black Adams is gonna show up in the Comic-con this year

    Dwayne Johnson’s DC Comics anti-hero Black Adam was once known as Teth-Adam. He was born some 5000 years before the film takes place. There have been variations on his story over the years thanks to DC’s ever-changing continuity. ‘Black Adam’ is one of the next big DC films that will also serve as a gateway to introducing the Justice Society of America on the big screen. The members of the JSA keep on changing over the decades but the ‘Black Adam’ movie will be featuring a pared-down membership.

    The characters who are confirmed to show up in the new movie include Black Adam played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Atom Smasher played by Noah Centineo, Hawkman played by Aldis Hodge, Doctor Fate played by Pierce Brosnan, Cyclone played by Quintessa Swindell.

    Judging by the concept art teaser released back at DC FanDome 2020, it looks like our hero will be fighting the Justice Society in the film. But we know how the fantasy world works. Don’t these things usually end with potential teammates fighting each other for a bigger threat? It is not yet confirmed but maybe Black Adam will join the Justice Society Of America by the end of the film.

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