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    5 Best Romantic Animes On Netflix Right Now

    Netflix is one of the best plays to watch anything a person wants to. It has a huge library of movies, television shows, animes, and whatnot. No matter what the genre, we can find everything on it. And anime is one of those things. Netflix is really famous for its original shows, movies, and many other things. But very few people talk about animes that too on Netflix. So, today we will discuss the five best romantic animes on Netflix right now.

    Best Romantic Animes On Netflix

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

    It is one of the best animes to watch if someone is looking for a heart-touching romantic anime. It is about a boy who loses his mother. And he is a really good pianist. But after the incident, he stops playing and even listens to the sound of a piano. But it all changes when he meets Kaori Miyazono. She makes him alive again. And the journey is worth watching. It is emotional, romantic, will even give you goosebumps, and will bring tears in the eyes. Many romantic anime fans may have already watched this.


    People who haven’t watched Naruto may not believe it to be on the top five romantic animes. But it is true. This anime shows true love that many try to show but fail. Naruto is about a boy whose dream is to become the village leader, or in their term, the Hokage. But he is hated by everyone since he was a child, except one, a girl Hinata. The whole journey is about the struggle, friendship, love, parenthood, teaching, and I can go on as the list is never-ending. We can bet that everyone who has watched Naruto would have cried when finally Naruto and Hinata got married in the last movie of Naruto.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    People who love anime may already know about this one. Or may have listened to the name Neon Genesis Evangelion. And this anime is mainly about saving the world. But it is no less romantic. As it consists of the main hero liking the three girls in the anime at some point or another. He gets awkward with one he likes named Asuka, and there are some scenes of romance with the girl named Misato.

    Kimi no Na Wa

    This anime is about a boy and a girl whose dreams are completely different. And the girl wants to live the life of a city as she lives in a rural area. And the boy studies in a high school in Tokyo. One day a comet passes by their city, and they both switch bodies miraculously. It happened again and again, and lead to the making up of a connection between both.


    Last but not least is the Toradora. This anime is about a boy who is cursed with good looks. And he finds a girl who is beautiful but hot-headed. And this anime is about they both help each other when they find out that they like each other’s friends. But while doing so, they get to know more about each other and become friends. And here starts the romance in the story.

    Sakshi Goel
    Sakshi Goel
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