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    Are ‘Edens Zero’ And ‘Fairy Tail’ Connected?

    Anyone who has read the manga or watched the anime as a child would attest that Fairy Tailpractically has a twin. Due to the numerous parallels between the manga and anime ‘Eden’s Zero,‘ fans often wonder about a connection between the two. 

    Some people think ‘Eden’s Zero‘ is a prequel to ‘Fairy Tail,’ while others are convinced it’s another chapter in the same story. But what really is happening here? Do the two manga share any connections or are they only highly similar works? It turns out to be somewhat complicated. 

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    Analysis Of ‘Edens Zero’ And ‘Fairy Tail’

    Eden’s Zero And Fairy Tail

    It is clear that ‘Eden’s Zero‘ takes a lot of inspiration from ‘Fairy Tail’. The manga covers and promotional images for both series are very similar. The core ‘Fairy Tail‘ cast’s sci-fi spinoff might easily be the source of the other manga’s title characters, and Rebecca Bluegarden resembles Lucy Heartfilia, albeit without the ponytail.

    Shiki Granbell would be Natsu Dragneel if he found a box of black hair color, and Elsie Crimson would be Erza Scarlet if she shared Elsie Crimson’s penchant for dark red. In addition, Elsie’s moniker “Armored Space Pirate” just makes fans think of Erza’s outfits from ‘Fairy Tail’.  

    Character designs are only one area where Mashima’s works resemble one another. The author’s publication of artwork depicting Natsu and Lucy disguised as Haru and Ellie from Rave Master on the cover of Rave Master Chapter #91 only serves to further support the notion that all three series are interconnected in a Mashima Canon Universe. 

    Happy and Plue appear to be recurring figures in all of the series. For instance, Happy, the blue cat friend, can be seen in both ‘Fairy Tail’ and ‘Eden’s Zero,‘ while Plue, a tiny creature that resembles a snowman, may be found in all three series. But in each story, the two creatures are from a separate species and belong to distinct characters in their respective realities. Even the magical force that exists in both ‘Fairy Tail’ and ‘Eden’s Zero‘ realms goes by the moniker of Ether. 

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    Are The Series Connected? 

    Eden’s Zero

    No, there isn’t always a link between the two. The similarities can be attributed to the fact that both were created by Hiro Mashima. Since many of the characters in ‘Fairy Tail’ and ‘Eden’s Zero‘ resemble one another, it is simple to become confused. For instance, Rebecca and Elsie from Eden’s Zero resemble Lucy and Erza from Fairy Tail. Since the majority of character traits are the same, new viewers might not notice the tiny variances. 

    Eden’s Zero‘ is more sophisticated even though they do have some similarities. Serious subjects like societal brutality and inequality are covered. Furthermore, since Hiro had created a canon crossover in which characters from both Mangas interact, ‘Eden’s Zero‘ could not be a sequel. 

    Mashima does have a tendency to work on several series at once and reference his earlier works (which he is authorized to do as the author), to the extent where even he admits that it can be confusing at times. 

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