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    Christina Applegate Slams Troll Who Said She Underwent Plastic Surgery

    Christina Applegate is one of the few who successfully transitioned from a child actor to becoming a star in their adulthood. She has acted in several films and television shows. Applegate is also the recipient of a Primetime Emmy Award as well as nominations for the Golden Globe Awards.

    In 2021, she announced that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It affected her movements and altered her appearance a bit. A troll commented that she underwent plastic surgery. Let’s find out what the ‘Dead to Me‘ actress said in response.

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    Christina Applegate Slams Trolls

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    Christina Applegate

    Applegate has been struggling with health issues for years. In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer from which she fully recovered. In 2021, the actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

    A disgraced person accused her of getting plastic surgery. “MS didn’t make you look that way,” the person wrote, “A plastic surgeon did and you are a scammer and not Christina Applegate.”

    The actress shared the screenshot of that message on her Twitter and wrote that “it wasn’t nice.” She then went on to Tweet, “What is wrong with people. By the way, I laughed.”

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    Applegate Has Been Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

    Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate

    Her appearance has been changing ever since Applegate was diagnosed with Sclerosis. It heavily restricted her movements which resulted in her body gaining some weight.

    The actress walked barefoot on the Hollywood walk of fame floor. She explained the reason later on, stating that for some people with MS, “the feeling of shoes may hurt or make us feel off balance.”

    MS has caused her to gain 40 pounds it causes her trouble walking without a stick. Because of all these, she had difficulty filming the final season of ‘Dead to Me.’ She had said that it could be her last acting gig. “Jen Harding is the one, who — who knows, quite possibly the last one I’ll play,” she said referencing her character in the show.

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