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    Do Margot Robbie’s Barbie And Ryan Gosling’s Ken Break Up? Who Does She Choose After Dumping Him?

    An Oscar nominee, a writer and director of ‘Little Women‘ (2019) and ‘Lady Bird‘ (2017), Greta Gurwing is back with a chick flick, ‘Barbiewith Noah Baumbach. From just a mere Mantell doll to a tiny part in Toy story, everyone is now excited to watch Barbie on a big screen.

    Since the trailer release, everyone is eager to know what the movie revolves around. But the trailer is very cryptic, leaving the audience spiked up with excitement. Unable to figure out whether Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s movie is a rom-com or something mysterious raising above from a mere portrayal of a plastic doll? Well, we can at least tell you more about Barbie’s dating life.

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    ‘Barbie’ Movie Cast And Plot

    In July 2019, Margot Robbie was locked for the role of Barbie, and later in October, Warner Bros. revealed the first look of Ryan Gosling as Ken, her boyfriend. Apart from that, the film’s cast is very intriguing, as it includes actors from the Netflix Original ‘Sex Education‘ Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa. It also stars Simu Liu, MCU’s Shang Chi, Ritu Arya, Issa Rae, and Will Ferrell who made an impressionable appearance in ‘Elf‘ (2003).

    In an interview with British Vogue, Robbie talked about the making of ‘Barbie‘ movie: “It comes with a lot of baggage!”, further adding, “And a lot of nostalgic connections. But with that comes a lot of exciting ways to attack it. People generally hear ‘Barbie’ and think, I know what that movie is going to be, and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, Oh, well, maybe I don’t.”

    As per the reports, the 1997 popular song ‘Barbie Girl‘ by pop band Aqua will not feature in the film. Well, it is high time to leave the toxicity behind. Although we do not know for sure if Margot’s Barbie leaves Ryan’s Ken and finds someone in the movie universe, with all the suspense, we just hope the movie is worth the wait and hype.

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    All About Barbie’s Relationships

    The most famous couple in Toyland, Barbie and Ken announced their break up in 2004. Ken was introduced as Barbie’s boyfriend in 1961 and years after that they shared an on-again-off-again relationship. After their split, Barbie dated an Australian surfer, Blaine for quite some time. Later, after Ken underwent a makeover, they got back together.

    After the release of ‘Barbie’ movie teaser, there are rumors that her ex-boyfriend might make an appearance. And not only that, there might be different versions of Ken as well.

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