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    Just How Old Is Mario In ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’?

    When ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘ was announced, people were apprehensive about it. Mainly because of the history of bad video game adaptations. The film, which has voice performances from Chris Pine and Anya Taylor-Joy, hit the theaters recently and met with mostly mixed critical response.

    Despite this, the film has grossed more than $420 million worldwide at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 2023. Amid all this, there are many fans of the game who are curious about the age of Mario in the film. So let’s find out how old the titular plumber is.

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    Mario’s Age In ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Revealed

    Super Mario Bros. Movie
    Super Mario Bros. Movie

    In the film, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘, the titular character Mario is around 24 or 25 years old. Over the years, the mushroom jumping guy has seen several details of his characteristics go through changes.

    Despite the changes, his age was never a cause of concern even for game lovers. Now that he is not just a game character but someone who lives and breathes and is portrayed on the silver screen, the age factor is again in the limelight.

    In 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto (the Japanese game designer) revealed the character’s age. That quashed the rumors on the internet that the plumber is middle-aged or old.

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    Does The Film Have A Post-Credit Scene?

    Should audience stay after 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' ends ?
    The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

    Over the past few years, post-credit scenes have become a norm. This animated adventure film is no different. So the audiences who went to see the film in a theatre were delighted with two post-credit scenes.

    In it, we see Bowser who is trapped in a bottle and is also singing on his piano for his love interest. Then, a massive green egg is found inside the sewers of Brooklyn, New York. The egg cracks and Yoshi cries off-screen. The film cuts to black in an abrupt manner.

    The film received the biggest worldwide opening weekend for an animated feature, surpassing ‘Frozen 2.’ Its domestic debut collection is also the biggest for a video game-based film in Hollywood.

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