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    Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: How Did Kim Kardashian Help In Solving Art Fraud?

    John Oliver was back on HBO and HBO Max with a new episode of Last Week Tonight where Kim Kardashian got a special mention. The comedian gave the entrepreneur accolades for helping solve an art fraud scheme a couple of years ago. The new segment covered the topic- Museums.

    Oliver slammed his birth country Britain so hard that no one could have ever imagined. He thrashed every official who talked about how the looted artefacts are legitimate to be at the British museum. Fun and informative segment that no one could have ever imagined Kardashian playing a big part in. Know how Kim got involved in this museum segment in Oliver’s show.

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    How Did Kim Kardashian Get Involved In John Oliver’s Show?

    Kim Kardashian and the golden coffin

    Oliver started his segment on museums in the recent Last Week Tonightepisode. “A few years back, at the Met Gala, the year 2018,” Oliver stated. “Kim Kardashian made an appearance wearing head-to-toe Atelier Versace that was notably gold.”

    Oliver then showed a picture of the coffin of the Egyptian Nedjemankh which, at the time, the Met museum had just acquired. Kardashian, dressed in gold, took a photo with the golden coffin and the picture went viral on social media.

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    How Kim Is Related To The Topic Of The Show?

    John Oliver and Kim Kardashian

    An anonymous informant tipped off international authorities to say that the coffin had been looted and the museum had been fooled into buying it for $4 million dollars. Oliver was impressed with the power of Kardashian adding, “the woman has a real knack for producing incredible images just by standing next to men that look like they died a long time ago.”

    As Oliver hit the punchline of his joke, an image of himself next to The Kardashians star appeared on-screen poking fun of himself. The late-night show’s episode continued to focus on dealers not doing their proper research when acquiring art pieces that are, a lot of times, stolen.

    Oliver took another jab at Kardashian when he noted that museums couldn’t just sit back and not do research and wait “until Kim Kardashian takes a photograph in front of one of our objects and we’re humiliated on the international stage. This cannot be all her responsibility, she’s too busy revolutionizing shape wear.”

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