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    Vin Diesel Says ‘Fast And The Furious’ Franchise Might End With A Trilogy Of Movies

    Vin Diesel became one of the most successful action stars in Hollywood with his role in the ‘Fast and the Furious‘ franchise. He has headlined all the films, as Dominic Toretto, in this long-lasting series. It was announced that the franchise will conclude with its 11th installment.

    However, recently, the 55-year-old actor teased that the franchise might end with a trilogy of films. ‘Fast X‘ is slated to release in the theatres on May 19. So let us find out what Diesel said about how the franchise will end and if it’s true, will we get to see a 12th film also?

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    Vin Diesel Talks About The ‘Fast And The Furious’ Franchise

    Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel

    On Friday, Vin Diesel attended the premiere of ‘Fast X‘ in Rome. He, along with Michelle Rodriguez, gave an interview with Fandango to open up about the future of the franchise.

    It’s a really good question. As filmmakers, though, you want to allow people to enjoy the film without tipping the hat too much,” he said. “I can say this: going into making this movie, the studio had asked if this can be a two-parter“.

    He added, “And after the studio saw this part one, they said ‘could you make Fast X, the finale, a trilogy?‘” When the reporter asked him to clarify his statement, Diesel said he is “going to get in trouble” if he spoke further.

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    Diesel Went Off-Script At The CinemaCon

    Vin Diesel in action in 'Fast & Furious' franchise
    Vin Diesel

    At the 2023 CinemaCon, Diesel took to the stage to talk about the beloved franchise. However, he ignored the teleprompter and went off-script with his speech at the venue.

    Thank you for riding with me for a quarter of a century,” he addressed to the crowd. “I like this room better than the Oscars. And you know I really mean that … because all those people who are sitting in the audience in the Oscars, are only there because of you.”

    He noted that he was supposed to talk through a teleprompter, but the audience doesn’t give a damn about it. ‘Fast X‘ is touted as the penultimate film in the franchise.

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