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    WATCH: Top 8 Teen Drama Series To Binge-Watch Till You Wait For Euphoria 3

    The second season of HBO’s smash hit show Euphoria ended, while fans can not wait for its third season to air. But there are many other teen drama series available on streaming platforms to binge-watch. The second season gave a great wrap and conclusion to characters with untimely deaths, resolutions, and hints towards new chapters.

    Fans are curious to catch their favorite star again in Euphoria 3 and what happens next with them in the series. As per fans, the second season gave another chance to Emmy-award winner actor Zendaya to get an oscar for her commendable performance. But there are other binge-worthy teen drama series to watch till Euphoria 3 gets into production. We will break down the top 8 teen dramas for you to binge-watch.

    1. SKINS (2007-2013)

    This tv show was a breakthrough and not like other daily soap-like teen shows. The series first aired in 2007 and tells about a group of teens from Bristol. They all are in the final two years of their high school and targets many topics that are common among teens. The series talks about mental illness, bullying, sexual awakening, gender exploitation, substance abuse, family trauma, and more. The uniqueness of this show was that it changed its cast after every two seasons to project a new generation. The show concluded in the seventh season and left a great impact on the viewers.

    2. GOSSIP GIRL (2007-2012)

    The American teen drama Gossip Girl is an adaptation of the novel series of the same name by Cecily Von Ziegesar. This HBO series concluded in the sixth season. It featured lavish lifestyles, backstabbing relationships, and scandalous affairs that led to rivalries. The show is all about rich adolescents and their high-end rich lifestyle which is a bit unrealistic for regular viewers. But because of the modern approach, the series was a hit and must-watch.

    3. ELITE

    This Spanish series was a hit on Netflix and did justice to its title and was a bit similar to Gossip Girl. The show features conflicts between the students coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the school. The show’s theme is much more of a thriller and features crime scenes in a European elite private school.


    This teen drama is the recent-most scariest tv show by Showtime that is all about adolescents’ adventures. The series focuses on a team of an all-female high school soccer team in the early 1990s which is stuck in the Canadian wilderness. They have their stuff only for survival and cover female friendships, falling in love, and exploring their own identity. The Showtime series is the creepiest show that explores witchcraft, cannibalism, and supernatural stuff.


    This teenage series took the poetic approach for storytelling where teens are in search of their own identity under the conditions of war. It is by acclaimed director Luca Guadagnino and features American military brats. Their journey to explore self-identity gives a new depiction of gender and sexuality. The series aired in 2020 and has eight episodes in total. The HBO series tells about first love, friendship, and how it feels as teenagers.


    Sex Education is a teen drama-comedy that is all about sexual awareness among students of Moddrdale Secondary School. It covers the teenagers’ concerns such as mental health, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, sexual intimacy, queer identity, bullying, and more. The series is in a comedic theme but delivers an important message to burst the taboo and provide necessary gender-related information. Till now three seasons have been aired and the fourth is in the renewal process.


    The film is a spinoff of 2018, Love, Simon, which focuses on the journey of Victor Salazar. This young boy discovers his sexual orientation and acceptances of it after the realization. The Hulu series goes on as Victor struggles with his identity and his family and friends react to it when they come to know about it.


    This HBO show was not aired for a long-run and aired in 2021 by HBO, but it is still worth watching because of the narrative about the characters that display the real teenagers in recent times. The show covers the conflict between teenagers who are with a modern approach and the older generation with a conservative approach. The talented cast gave an impactful performance. The teenagers in the show come from different backgrounds and gender orientations.

    Sakshi Goel
    Sakshi Goel
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