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    Who Killed Queen Maeve in ‘The Boys’ Comics? Was Homelander Responsible?

    The much-awaited finale of the third season of Amazon Prime’s popular superhero show, The Boys was aired recently. It has received mostly positive responses from the critics and the audience.

    The penultimate episode of this season had all the thrills, action, and drama the fans were looking for. But it also deviated from the comics, by not killing Queen Maeve.

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for ‘The Boys’ season 3 finale.

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    Who Killed Queen Maeve In ‘The Boys’ Comics?

    The boys season 3

    In the last episode of The Boys Season 3, we witness Queen Maeve (played by Dominique McElligott) sacrificing herself trying to save others by jumping out of a building with Soldier Boy when he attempts to fire a blast. Later, it is realized that she is alive but all her power is gone because of Soldier Boy.

    This is where the show has deviated from its source material. The third season amped up the stake after the success of the first two seasons and amplified the intensity and rivalry between the sups and the ordinary people.

    In the comic, Maeve sacrifices herself to save Starlight from Homelander, who has turned into a psychopath by now. But in the show, she jumps out of the building and fakes her own death.

    The showrunner of ‘The Boys’ Eric Kripke explained it to TVLine, “At no point did I ever consider killing Maeve, from the very, very beginning.” He further added, “We were intentionally building to a happy ending for her, always, for a lot of reasons.”

    Can Queen Maeve Return In Season 4?

    Queen Maeve after season climax fight
    Queen Maeve after the season climax fight

    After the finale, we see Queen Maeve loses one of her eyes and injures a hand. An injured Maeve is reunited with her lover, Elena. The two then tell Starlight that they want to go somewhere far away from Homelander.

    The video footage of Maeve being saved by MM and others is deleted by Vough’s CEO, Ashley Barrette. So there is a possibility that Maeve’s words will come true.

    But the question remains whether Maeve will return for a fourth season or not? Since she has lost her powers. But there is a way to regain those powers.

    When Kimiko lost her powers, she took a shot of the compound-V and regained her abilities. The same can be done by Maeve if she wants her powers back. So there is a hope of her return as long as the compound-V is around.

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