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    Sample The Luxury Of Ladies’ Day At Royal Ascot

    As the idea of solo travel gains more exposure and becomes increasingly popular, we’re seeing travelers from all walks of life make a leap of faith. There are many ways to travel alone. There’s something for everyone, from beach vacations to city breaks, skiing to sightseeing. The best tried and trusted solo travel plans are on this page, packed with helpful information and quirky ideas.

    What’s your idea of the perfect solo travel? Do you dream of removing yourself from the needs of friends and family? You may want to escape work commitments and find some quality time. A week spent sunning yourself on a tropical beach being waited on hand and foot sounds like the perfect way to revitalize mind and body. Perhaps you’d prefer to see a new city, taking in the culture of Belgrade or the history of Cairo.

    A sporting holiday is one option that is often overlooked but is tailor-made for solo travel. If you have a passion for football, basketball, soccer, or horse racing and want to watch the biggest events in person from the arena, what’s stopping you? Perhaps making predictions on the California betting sites is no longer enough to satisfy your curiosity for foreign sports. You want in on the action.

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    A Race Fit For A King


    On this page, you’ll find information on how you can sample the luxury of Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot, where you’ll catch a glimpse of the newly crowned King of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. There’s royalty, beautiful thoroughbred racehorses, and fearless jockeys ready to put their bodies on the line for a shot at glory.

    The Royal Ascot meeting is a globally famous event that combines the ancient sport of horse racing with the thrill of gambling, passion for fashion, and British royalty. Ladies’ Day is the festival’s highlight and must be seen to be believed. The award of best dressed on Ladies’ Day is as competitive as any race you’ll see at Ascot. The top designers are represented in the crowd, but the competition is open to all. 

    If you love sport and have a flair for passion, this could become a memorable visit to the English countryside. You can spend big on the latest and most sought-after designer dresses or get creative and dress to impress on a budget. It’s a prize worth winning and would set your name into the history books, mentioned alongside the greats of UK and Irish horse racing, such as Ruby Walsh and Willie Mullins.

    In addition to the thousands of people present on Ladies’ Day, all vying for the crown of best dressed, the meeting has some of the highest quality racing you’ll likely see. The top names in the sport from across the globe arrive in England eager to showcase their skills and win a new fan in the British Royal Family. 

    It may sound like something from a children’s fairy tale book, but it’s a special occasion that the Brits hold dear to their hearts.

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    Planning Your Trip

    Ladies’ Day is traditionally held on the third day of racing from Ascot, and it draws a crowd in the thousands, with millions more watching the show live on television. If you have your heart set on visiting the Royal meeting, watching this year’s coverage on TV or through a live-streaming app is a good idea. Doing so gives a firm idea of what to expect and the kind of fashion that’s popular at the festival.

    Being one of the most popular fixtures on a packed UK sporting schedule, you must get in early and secure your tickets. Ascot isn’t the biggest place in England, with accommodation filling up fast, often booked out months before the first race. But you should always buy tickets and book hotels through an official source to avoid any chance of being scammed and losing your cash. Some ticket touts sell fake tickets or drastically overpriced briefs.

    Royal Ascot is accessible from London by public transport – preferably rail or coach. This allows you the convenience of flying into a major London airport, spending a day in the capital, and traveling to Ascot and back for the racing.

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