7 Popular Stars Who Appeared on FRIENDS

The popular stars who made the show worthwhile.

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Friends are one of the most popular sitcoms ever in the history of television. No other sitcom has ever been able to match its popularity in terms of comic timing and the stellar star cast.  But it wasn’t only these 6 friends who made the show but the other popular stars who appeared on Friends. 

Read on to know more about them! 

Tom Selleck 

If you are a true Friends fan, then you would know about Tom Selleck’s appearance in the Friends Reunion episode. He is an absolute fan favorite and earned a special place in Monica’s heart as her on-screen boyfriend. 

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Her father’s friend, Dr. Burke aka Tom Selleck aces his role as the boyfriend but their relationship soon falls apart because of their age difference. 

Aniston, Kudrow, and Cox called him their 7th friend as he became such an important part of the show. 

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin role was an over-enthusiastic person who always looked on the bright side of things. He appears as Phoebe’s love interest who initially has a great connection with him due to his optimism. 

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But it soon goes downhill when he complements on even the most trivial situations. Alec Baldwin’s character named parker appears in two episodes in season 8. His character steals the show with his personality. 

Brad Pitt

No other celebrity got that much hype as Brad Pitt. The founder of “I Hate Rachel Green Club” and Rachel’s nemesis from high school, Will Colbert, portrayed by Pitt appeared in their annual Thanksgiving episode. 

What’s interesting was that Pitt at that time was married to Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green. His hate towards Rachel is obvious as soon as she enters the home and he gives her a hateful eye and mouths “I hate you.” 

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This depicts his amazing acting ability that even got him an Emmy Nomination. Pitt is undoubtedly the favorite guest celebrity among Friends fans.  

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was at the height of her career when she starred in Friends for their Superbowl Special episode. At that time, she was dating Matthew Perry and he convinced her to be on the show. 

Interestingly, she agreed to it only if he wrote a paper on quantum physics. Turns out, he did write it! She appears on the show as a love interest to Chandler and to take revenge for his elementary school prank. 

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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon appeared on the show as Rachel Green’s spoiled sister. She is the brat in the family who was cut off by her father for going on a shopping spree. It was no regular shopping rather she gifted a boat to a friend! 

Although she appeared on only 2 episodes she left her mark with her witty remarks and personality. 

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd became a series regular as Pheobe Buffay’s boyfriend and husband, Mike Hannigan. What started as an accidental meeting as Joey shouted the name Mike in the cafe, Central Perk, turned into a favorite fan moment. 

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Rudd’s character is loved by all for his equally eccentric behavior the same as Pheobe. He is the supportive boyfriend who shares his weirdness and love for music with Pheobe.  

Maggie Wheeler

Nothing can explain her character better than the words OH MY GOD! Maggie Wheeler’s role as Janice is a recurring character on the show majorly as a love interest of Chandler. 

With a squeaky and irritating voice, Janice is the character who lights up the room whenever she is in the frame. She even appeared in the Friends Reunion episode and received a lot of love from the audience. 

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Friends have received immense love from the audience throughout the three decades. The audience resonates with the 6 of them. But the 7 popular stars who appeared on Friends stole their thunder and won some Emmy nominations too.