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    Andrew Garfield Reveals Tom Holland Was Jealous Of His Suit during Spider-Man: No Way Home

    To put it mildly, Spider-Man: No Way Home has absolutely ruled the box office. Audiences were ecstatic to see antagonists from earlier Spider-Man blockbusters, along with earlier Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, reappear. Garfield was indeed a tremendous highlight, and it was terrific to witness his version of Peter Parker finally earn his time after appearing in two divisive films. 

    The latest box-office hit “SpiderMan: No Way Home” stars the three versions of Spider-Men on a screen.

    Of course, one of the things that distinguish him and his fellow Peter Parkers seems to be that their outfits are all unique, forcing fans to argue over which is the greatest. Surprisingly, the celebs seemed to have some opinions over each other’s outfits, with Tom Holland reportedly being “jealous” of Garfield’s.

    When various eras of Spider-Man emerge together, just like they did in the freshly launched Spider-Man: No Way Home, it would only be instinctual that somehow the artists under the mask compare each other varied Spider-Man outfits, with Andrew Garfield remembering one of his fellow Spider-Men becoming jealous of an especially valuable feature included in his outfit.

    Andrew Garfield Says Tom Holland Jealousy

    Garfield recalled that it would be on the set of No Way Home alongside three real-time Spider-Men for about the first time guys were in their individual outfits. 

    Andrew Garfield
    Speculations regarding Tom Holland being jealous of his fellow Spiderman Andrew Garfield’s suit.

    For a Variety interview, Garfield remarked, “[Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and I] discussed what worked for all of us.” “[Holland] was jealous since my suit has small zippers that I can simply get my hands out of.” “To operate his cellphone, he was using his nose since he could not even access his hands,” Garfield said, recalling how Holland would have to resort to a workaround trying to use his cellphone while suited up.

    You can’t criticise Tom Holland for being rather jealous in this situation. There must be times of leisure whilst performing on set non-stop, so one would suppose that the actor might appreciate being able to use his phone properly when desired. Despite this, the three appear to just have cherished their experience around each other and discussed their unique franchise histories.

    Spider-Man suits down the generations

    Due to Tony Stark’s pace with the fast engineering, Holland seems to have had a variety of Spider-Man outfits during his period in the MCU, but it appears that no matter how spectacular the suit is on display, once it comes to the practicality of filming, certain basic characteristics would always dominate. 

    Andrew Garfield and Tobey
    During the long period of SpiderMen in the MCU, audiences have seen tonnes of versions of their suits.

    Of course, Spider-costumes, Man’s the friendly neighbourhood of the MCU, are frequently a topic of conversation among viewers, as the high-tech versions are a far cry from the original comic book design the character has worn since the 1960s.

    Tom Holland about his costume

    On countless events, Holland has discussed the difficulties of carrying his superhero costume.


    In a June 2019 interview with NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” the artist claimed that he appears to be wearing the hardest outfit in the MCU.

    “I’m not displaying any skin,” he explained and dressed in lycra from head to toe. Am 23 years old and can’t even use my phone. I’m constantly on my phone. With my nose, I’ve gotten really adept at enjoying pictures.”

    Speculations regarding Andrew Garfield

    In fact, Andrew Garfield had been so outstanding in the movie that there has already been talked of the next Amazing Spider-Man movie, even his stunt double of the movies mistakenly led fans to believe it was genuine. To be truthful, the latest Marvel movie creates a great deal of unanswered questions and a multitude of possible scenarios. But who are we to say we would not want to see Garfield dressed up in that charming, cell phone-friendly outfit once more?


    In conclusion, yes the Uncharted star, Holland was indeed jealous of the Web-slinger, Garfield’s suit during their time together! While it’s fascinating to learn that Garfield was able to acquire a costume that permitted him to actively utilise his hands, we also wonder if will be able to wear it again in the MCU future. Regardless, Holland must watch and learn and ensure that his future suit has the same attribute.


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