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    Brett Goldstein Reveals Why He Was Terrified To Tell His Parents About MCU Debut With ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

    Actor Brett Goldstein has made his Marvel debut with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ He’s now a part of the ever-growing A-list MCU stars. The actor recently opened up about this discreet Marvel entrance at the ‘Ted Lasso‘ FYC event in Los Angeles on Monday evening.

    In the exciting mid-credits sequence of the Taika Waititi directorial, Goldstein is introduced as Zeus’ (Russell Crowe) son, Hercules. He was very surprised to be given the role and even kept it a secret from his parents.

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    Brett Goldenstein Thought A Chip Would Explode Upon Breaking Marvel Protocol

     Brett Goldstein
    Brett Goldstein plays Hercules in MCU

    The ‘Ted Lasso‘ star made his MCU debut at the conclusion of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder,’ which hit theatres earlier this month. Viewers have now been finally treated to a brief glimpse of a buff, hairy-chested Goldstein.

    The actor chatted with Entertainment Weekly and confessed that he was “very surprised” when Marvl came knocking. He was even more overwhelmed by the positive response to his Hercules portrayal. The Emmys 2022 nominee further disclosed that he “didn’t tell anyone” about playing Hercules, including his own family as Marvel Studios has a strict “no spoilers” protocol. The star said “I didn’t tell my family. They put a chip in me that would explode if I f***ing spoke about it. It was terrifying.” 

    On the other hand, the British actor chatted with told about sending his parents to see the ‘Thor‘ sequel without informing them of his cameo. The two were surprised to see their son in the blockbuster, though there was a stretch of time when Goldstein worried that his mother would miss his brief appearance.

    “My mom is texting me all the way through the film giving me a running commentary,” Goldstein continued. “I’m like, ‘Just watch the film!’ It gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe… My mom texts me ‘Russell Crowe’s in it again, he’s very funny.’ I go, ‘F***ing look up at the screen!‘”

    As for his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Goldstein is adamant that he has no idea what’s in store for his Hercules. “I truly, honestly — this isn’t me lying or being coy — I know nothing,” Goldstein said. “All I know is what I did that day and that’s it. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.”

    Brett Goldstein Was Called “Mental” By ‘Ted Lasso’ Co-Star For Second-Guessing Marvel Debut

    Brett Goldstein found fame with ‘Ted Lasso’

    Goldstein’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ co-star Hannah Waddingham recalled the time her fellow actor confided in her regarding the Marvel role. “He said to me, ‘I’ve been offered this thing… Do you guys think I should do it?’” Waddingham said. “I went, ‘Are you mental? Are you actually having a little bit of a moment? You’re seriously thinking that you might not play Hercules?’ Then he didn’t tell me he bloody did it! So everyone was like ‘Brett Goldstein! Brett Goldstein!’ And I was like, ‘You cheeky bastard.’”

    Goldstein also shared his reaction to the impressive number of Emmy nominations that ‘Ted Lasso‘ scored for its second season. The Apple TV+ series has matched its nomination total from last year, earning 20 nods across various categories, including best supporting actor in a comedy series for Goldstein.

    It’s surreal because it was so surreal last time,” he said. “My brain hasn’t gotten used to any of it. It hadn’t gotten used to it in Season 1. I don’t know if we were expecting anything again. It felt so magical the first time. Well, we got back in again.”

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